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Story Tractor November 11, 2021

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YouTube has been growing steadily into a reliable search engine for how-to guides and reviews these days. Whether it is about learning how to mow your land or sharing a detailed review of a new tractor, you can find a YouTube video that would demonstrate each step in precise detail.

In the community tractors side of YouTube, a few channels have been making their names and earning dedicated followers for their content. A peek into their comments section, and you’d find a thriving community of viewers asking questions and exchanging information that adds even more value to their viewing experience.

To learn who to follow, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest names in the community tractors side of YouTube. These YouTubers are amassing followers and subscribers for their reviews of tractor performances, how-to videos on using tractors for specific applications, and even maintenance of tractors.

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1. Tony’s Tractor Adventure Homestead

Tony Lay opened his YouTube channel in 2011, posting videos of him working on his land using some of his tractors. His content had since expanded into sharing practical land work tips, tractor maintenance, and recently, test driving new models of tractors and providing honest reviews of their performance. 

Taking a peek at his video’s comments section, you can find valuable discussions between his avid followers and Tony sharing his knowledge with them. There are even experts who contribute their niche knowledge and opinion to the discussion.

From documenting his tractor adventures, Tony’s YouTube channel has grown into a resource channel where his subscribers get valuable information on all things tractor and homesteading. In recognition of his expertise, he has been recently selected as TYM’s brand ambassador, where he gets the first crack on new tractor models.

Follow Tony and his tractor adventure here.

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2. Stoney Ridge Farmer

Josh Draper opened his YouTube channel to share his lifestyle change from working in the medical field to rehabilitating an old, washed-out tobacco farm. As someone who learns as he goes, Josh has no problem sharing his successes and failures in managing his land, making him relatable and endearing to his 586,000 subscribers.

Josh posts how-to guides and vlogs, and most of them are about his tractors — including helpful reviews, tractor applications, and even maintaining these heavy-duty machines. His videos are easy to follow and understand, making his channel ideal for beginners who want to know the basics of using and maintaining tractors.

Check out his YouTube channel here.

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3. Larry Stoves and Equipment

Mike Schramke knows his tractors — as he should as one of America’s biggest tractor dealers. One of his goals is to become the world’s biggest dealer of TYM tractors, besides another brand. He shares his expertise on all things tractor on his YouTube channel, named after his tractor dealership business, Larry Stovesand Equipment.

On Mike's channel, he showcases the value of each tractor, demonstrating the power and capacity of each component, and even provides tips and tricks to get the most of his tractor. Unlike the two previous YouTubers, Mike of Larry Stovesand Equipment speaks like your favorite tractor dealer who knows what you need and shares how his products can make your life easier.

Learn more about Mike’s channel here.

These channels are just some of the many community tractor YouTube channels that offer invaluable information regarding tractors and their performance. And while these channels certainly help, your local TYM dealers also have an extensive amount of experience and knowledge you can take advantage of.

Get in touch with an expert TYM dealer by visiting find a dealer.

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