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Story Others September 26, 2022

TYM’s 3D World puts our innovation in your hands

“Designed for your world” is not only TYM’s slogan, it is the commitment to our customers that has guided the company over the past 70 years. Now, we have taken this guiding principle literally and launched TYM World.

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TYM World is an interactive environment within the TYM website that allows you to explore a world powered by our tractors. To start your journey, visit explore.tym.world to see various environments where you can experience TYM tractors. Depending on the device you are using, you can use your mouse or fingers to rotate and pan across to explore the different areas. From there, you can select and configure tractors recommended for the task at hand.

If you are curious about how TYM tractors can fit into your life and work, TYM World is for you. Perhaps you want to experience a TYM tractor, but you do not have immediate access to a TYM dealership. Maybe you are in the beginning stages of your tractor journey and you are curious to see what a TYM tractor can do for you. Or you are a TYM dealer who wants to illustrate a tractor’s versatility to customers in a way that is specific and tangible.

The TYM 3D World invites you to envision how a TYM tractor would make your life easier and your work more efficient. You know your vision best. TYM can equip you with the tools to bring that vision to life. See what you can do with our latest technology.

Explore the versatility of TYM tractors through various applications

By focusing on a range of environments, from greenhouse operations to land-clearing and forestry, the TYM 3D World demonstrates our diverse range of products for any challenge. Whether you are plowing your driveway or grooming an 18-hole golf course, there is a TYM tractor for that job. Click and drag, or tilt and pan across the screen to navigate every scenario or condition that a TYM tractor can tackle.

Not sure which TYM model is right for you? Start with the kind of job that needs to be done. If you are running a warehouse and need a tractor to do some of the heavy lifting, click on the warehouse. Clicking on a specific application gives you a list of tractors most suited for the job.

Customize for your every need

The tractor configurator allows users to configure the tractor with different parts and attachments such as front loaders, back hoes, and different types of tires. “Test drive” the solutions you need for different purposes before you mount a physical tractor. Customize cabins to your preferences. Whatever your needs are, TYM World helps you envision them.



Discover features on any device

Customers and dealers now have an advanced tool to select the best tractor that is unique to their tasks and challenges. Launch TYM World on your phone or tablet, and explore any product in 3D while browsing the full details about its features and getting the breakdown on specifications. TYM World is a secure, scalable, and multi-device ready technology that anyone, anywhere can use to discover our products. Now, when you need instant access to complex 3D models that showcase TYM tractors in full detail, look no further than your phone.

Experience the full journey, from research to quotation

Whether you are a customer at home on your laptop, or you are a dealer on the go with a tablet PC in your bag, TYM World is your full-service in-pocket guide to the world of TYM tractors. Explore features in-depth, compare model specifications, and even send a quote request to a dealer—all without stepping foot outside.

From TYM’s founding over 70 years ago to today, we have delivered customer-centric solutions that enrich the lives of people everywhere. Through TYM World, we bring our world closer to yours, and empower you to design it. Join hundreds of other customers and dealers, and experience your own personal TYM world now.

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