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Story ESG February 10, 2023

Interview with a 2022 Tractor Donation Program recipient

#2. From a young farmer to a community business owner! - Hyuk Lee

TYM has been donating tractors to young farmers since 2020 to help them stabilize their agricultural operations and prosper in rural areas. In 2023, sixteen young farmers across eight regions received tractors, and we had the opportunity to meet and speak with the next-generation of agricultural leaders empowered by TYM's tractor donations.

Hyuk Lee, who runs a peach orchard in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province, moved back home to Chungju earlier than planned due to concerns for his father's health. Now, he has been taking his orchard for about six years. After years of trial and error, Lee has become an expert who can pass on his farming techniques to novice farmers. We spoke to him about his dream of creating a community-based agricultural company through TYM tractors.

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Hyuk Lee receiving his tractor at TYM's North Chungcheong regional office


"I harvest everything from peaches and plums to ginger and pumpkins! My name is Hyuk Lee and I am a sixth-year farmer.”


Q. What are your thoughts on being selected for the 2022 TYM Young Farmers Tractor Donation Program?

I'm Hyuk Lee, a young farmer operating a mixed farm in Chungju. I urgently needed a tractor to help cultivate crops such as peaches, plums, beans, and pumpkins. So it was incredibly fortuitous that I was selected as a recipient in TYM’s Young Farmers Tractor Donation Program. It has given me a great boost in achieving my dream of creating an exemplary agricultural company for other young farmers.

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Q. Do you have a special story about how you became a farmer?

When I was a child, I moved to Chungju with my father who began farming after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. As an adult, I moved to Seoul where I worked an ordinary office job while dreaming of returning to farming. 6 years ago, my father's health deteriorated and he could no longer run his orchard. This happened during a critical time of the growing season when peaches and plums need to be bagged to protect them from pests. As a result, I immediately decided to move back to Chungju.

My return happened earlier than planned so I had to go through a lot of trial and error in the early days. But now I’m fully settled in and even founded a mixed agriculture company. For the future, I dream of leading the next generation of Korean farmers.

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“I will grow my company to be a leader on the forefront of Korean agriculture alongside TYM."


Q. How have you been spending your time since returning to farming?

After my sudden to return to Chungju, I faced many difficulties. At first, I had no specialized knowledge about crop cultivation and trying to do everything from production to harvesting and sales alone was very challenging.

The biggest challenge was not having the essential farm machinery and equipment that a diversified farming operation requires. I had to use a hand sprayer for pest control in the orchard, which sometimes led to outbreaks of pests and diseases. I realized that I needed farm machinery, especially a tractor, to expand the orchard. However, due to financial difficulties, I was unable to purchase one.


Q. How will you use the tractor on your farm?

In diversified farms, every crop from peaches to watermelons follow a different schedule. With the tractor, I can be more flexible with my time due to increased efficiency. I plan to use the tractor for various tasks, from land cultivation to crop transportation.

The TYM tractor I received will be even more useful in my peach orchard. During heavy rainfall, I can use a plow attachment to make drainage channels or use a root cutter to encourage tree growth. The tractor will also come in handy with weed control and fertilizer and pesticide application.

The tractor will significantly reduce labor and pest control costs. It will also save time and allow for more detailed crop management. And I can finally give back to my neighbors who were generously lending me their farm machinery.

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Q: What is your goal for this year?

I experienced many difficulties when I first began due to lack of knowledge. Thinking of the hardships I experienced, I started a YouTube channel named “Pa-mily" (Pa= “scallion” in Korean) to help those who are going through the same difficulties as I did. Thanks to my new tractor, I’ll have more time to create more content to share more agricultural knowledge with my peers.

I want to follow in the footsteps of TYM's ESG management policies, like the Tractor Donation Program. I will also make an effort to position my company as a leader in the Korean agricultural industry. I also want to create a rural-based company where people of all ages and genders can work and live happily in the countryside.


TYM continues to support the growth of the agricultural industry for younger generations, and the revitalization of rural areas. Further, TYM pledges its efforts to contribute to the development of local communities through its support programs, creating a virtuous cycle of socially positive contributions.

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