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Press ESG January 19, 2022

TYM signed an MOU with KOLONG GLOTECH. "Eco-friendly public law and materials technology business partnership".

TYM announced on the 19th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with KOLONG GLOTECH to cooperate in eco-friendly construction methods and material technology businesses. TYM CEO Kim Dohoon and KOLONG GLOTECH CEO Kim Youngbeom attended the signing ceremony.

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Through this agreement, TYM GROUP plans to apply the eco-friendly non-fiber LFI method (LongFiber Injection) to tractor exterior for the first time in Korea, and then expand the LFI method to TYM GROUP's tractor family look. In addition, KOLONG GLOTECH's polymer plastic and bio-friendly material technology solutions will be applied to TYM GROUP's internal and external parts such as TYM, International General Machinery, and GMT.

The LongFiber Injection (LFI) method is a method of mixing polyurethane resin and glass fiber and molding them using a spray method. The method, also called "LongFiber Injection" is eco-friendly because it can drastically omit the existing process of painting on steel steel sheets, enabling carbon reduction occurring in the manufacturing process and not using organic solvents. KOLONG GLOTECH developed the first eco-friendly ballroom LFI construction method in Korea and collected issues by contributing greatly to strengthening product competitiveness and globalization of the Korean automobile and agricultural machinery industries.

Since TYM GROUP announced ESG management in February last year, it has continued to promote sustainable growth and improve the environment. In particular, it has taken the lead in protecting the environment in various ways, such as establishing environmental goals through the operation of the ISO in-house standard management system and managing water pollutants through strict in-house management standards. As part of TYM GROUP's environmental management activities, the agreement also aims to contribute to carbon reduction by actively introducing KOLONG GLOTECH's LFI method and eco-friendly material technology when manufacturing agricultural machinery.

Starting with a business agreement with KOLONG GLOTECH, we will continue to promote advanced and differentiated management in the technology, quality, and environment sectors, said Kim Dohoon, CEO of TYM. "We will be reborn as an environmental management company that adds value to customers and society through steady ESG management activities."

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