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Press Others November 16, 2023

"Accelerating Your European Market Entry" TYM participated in AGRITECHNICA 2023, Europe's largest agricultural machinery exhibition

  • Showcasing cutting-edge product technology and hosting a strategic press conference with key partners
  • Promoting autonomous driving and telematics technologies with interactive programs for visitors
  • Strengthening local insights through engagement with partners and launching dynamic region-specific marketing activities
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TYM diversifies its customer reach beyond North America and into an expanded global market.

TYM announced today that it was the only domestic agricultural machinery company to participate in Europe's largest agricultural machinery exhibition, Agritechnica 2023, held in Germany for a week from November 12 to 18.

TYM decided to participate in the exhibition to showcase its unique autonomous driving technology to the European market, build friendly relationships with partners across Europe, and secure global market competitiveness. In addition, the company plans to hold a strategy presentation with key partners to strengthen localized marketing and accelerate its lead in the European market.

At the exhibition, TYM showcased a diverse product lineup that reflects the latest trends in the industry, including autonomous driving, telematics, and ESG. TYM unveiled its new Series 4 tractors, including the T68 and T78, as well as the T115 and T130, which are scheduled to be released in 2024.

In particular, TYM planned the 'MYTYM' booth space so that visitors could experience autonomous driving technology and telematics systems. TYM's autonomous driving technology passed the national type inspection for the first time in the domestic industry. In addition, TYM's own technologies such as autonomous driving (D.A.V.E.) and telematics (S.A.M.) were well received by European customers and local visitors.

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In addition to exhibiting products, TYM also prepared various experience programs to increase the interest and participation of visitors, such as exhibiting parts such as Deutz engines mounted on the T115 and T130 products, and organizing a space for visitors to experience TYM's service competitiveness.

Agritechnica is a trade fair organized by DLG, the German agricultural association, and held in Hanover, Germany. This year, more than 1,700 companies from 48 countries participated, showcasing innovative technologies that provide technical solutions for international crop production. The exhibition program focused on smart farming, automation, connectivity, autonomous agricultural machinery and alternative power sources.

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"Our efforts to strengthen our trading lines are coming to fruition, as we are not only introducing new fruit tractors tailored to the European market, but also strengthening strategic alliances with regional tractor brands to provide specialized tractor solutions for each region of Europe, with the goal of achieving a 10% market share by 2026 in our European base countries," said the Head of TYM's Global Business Unit.  "This exhibition and the skinship with key partners have allowed us to strengthen our detailed strategy for each region." Additionally, he announced a focus on the sales of telemechanics and autonomous tractors, ranging up to 130 horsepower, starting from 2024.

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