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Story Tractor May 24, 2024

TYM 2515 vs. John Deere 2025R: Why the TYM 2515 stands out in a sea of compact tractors

Whether you're in the market for a compact tractor or simply curious about them, you’ve come to the right place. With so many options available, choosing the right tractor can be overwhelming. To simplify your decision, let’s compare two top contenders in the compact tractor class: the TYM 2515 and the John Deere 2025R. Both tractors have a reputation for excellence, but as you’ll soon see, the TYM 2515 stands out with its upgraded capabilities, premier comfort, and durability. Dive into this detailed comparison to discover why the TYM 2515 is the best choice for your farming and landscaping needs.

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Robust engine and exceptional lift capacity

One of the most critical aspects of any tractor is its engine performance, and the TYM 2515 is a standout in this category. As part of TYM’s Series 2 compact tractor line, the 2515 features a robust 24 hp TYM engine with a PTO power of 21 hp that you can rely on for projects of all sizes. Other tractors in its class, like the John Deere 2025R, trail with slightly lower engine and PTO power. While the difference in horsepower might seem minimal, the 2515’s engine is fine-tuned for optimal performance, offering fuel efficiency and consistent power output for various applications.

The TYM 2515 also excels in lift capacity. Its hitch lift capacity hits 2,425 lb at 24 inches behind link arms, surpassing competitors like the John Deere 2025R, which has a maximum lift capacity of 915 lb. This substantial advantage allows the TYM 2515 to handle heavier loads with ease, making it a more versatile and capable tractor for a range of tasks.

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Engineered for strength, designed for comfort

Built with high-quality materials and robust construction, the TYM 2515 is designed to withstand tough conditions and heavy use. The added durability of the TYM 2515 means less downtime and maintenance, allowing you to focus more on your work and less on repairs. Customization options further enhance its versatility, allowing you to tailor the tractor to meet your specific needs. Choose from either the Hydro-Max HST with auto throttle or the Synchro-Shuttle transmission to guarantee a smooth and effortless ride across any terrain.

Comfort is a significant factor, especially on those long days you spend on your tractor. The TYM 2515 delivers comfort with its spacious operator platform and ergonomic design. The tractor’s suspension seat ensures maximum comfort, reducing operator fatigue during busy seasons and extended use. Additionally, the TYM 2515 features a user-friendly control layout and factory-installed joystick controls, making it easier to operate even for beginners. These amenities make every task more enjoyable, from tilling to harvest.

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Enhanced versatility through exceptional attachments and hydraulics

Ambitious tractor owners know that when paired with the right tools, the possibilities are endless. Both the TYM 2515 and John Deere 2025R offer a range of attachments to enhance their versatility. However, the TYM 2515’s higher hydraulic capacity and superior hitch lift performance make it better suited for handling a broader range of attachments efficiently. From front-end loaders to backhoes, the TYM 2515 can easily adapt to various tasks to help you bring your project to completion and your vision to life.

Head-to-head with the TYM 2515

In a side-by-side comparison of compact tractors, the TYM 2515 emerges as the clear choice over the John Deere 2025R. With its powerful engine, higher hydraulic capacity, enhanced comfort, and excellent value for money, the TYM 2515 is ideal for those seeking upgraded capabilities and reliable performance within a compact frame. Need to see it to believe it? Visit a TYM dealer near you to experience firsthand why the 2515 stands out from the rest.

TYM 2515 John Deere 2025R

Engine manufacturer



Gross Engine Power

24 xhp | 18 kW

23.9 hp | 17.8 kW

PTO Power

21 hp | 15.7 kW

17.2 hp | 12.8 kW

Rated engine speed

2100 rpm

3200 rpm

No. of cylinders




104.5 cu. in

77 cu in

Steering flow

7.5 gpm

3.5 gpm

Implement flow

4 gpm

3.5 gpm


Synchromesh or HST


Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends

2425 lb

915 lb

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