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Story Others July 04, 2023

Tractor maintenance tips for monsoon and hurricane season

Weather holds significant sway over our lives, and for many, it can even determine their livelihoods. With global climate change and the unpredictable weather patterns it brings, every rainy season becomes a source of uncertainty and anxiety. Across the globe, the arrival of monsoon and hurricane seasons can wreak havoc on everyone, from hobby gardeners to large-scale agricultural enterprises, and the tractors that play a vital role in these agricultural operations.

To minimize interruption to operations or damage to machinery, it’s important to take preventative measures and ensure proper care for tractors during the monsoon or hurricane season. Fortunately, tractor maintenance through these seasons doesn’t have to be complicated. By following regular maintenance routines and preparing for rainy weather and extreme events, you can guarantee your tractor's optimal performance and longevity through the years. Here are some important tips to help your tractor run smoothly during the wettest months.

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Routine and regular tractor maintenance

The initial step of wet season preparation should come naturally because it’s what every tractor owner does on a regular basis. Begin by closely monitoring your tractor ahead of wet months and potential storms. Before the season starts, perform a comprehensive inspection of the tractor to verify that all parts are in good working condition and make necessary repairs. Regularly check fluid levels, filters, and belts, while also ensuring that all fittings and joints are properly greased and shielded against moisture. During the wettest months, refer to this handy rainy season checklist and watch this useful all-around tractor maintenance video on the parts that require your attention.


Park your tractor on higher ground and under cover

One of the simplest ways to protect your tractor in the summer, is perhaps also one of the easiest ways to secure your tractor in the winter: park it where it’s least likely to be exposed to natural elements. While tractors are designed to endure rainfall, prolonged exposure to water and moisture without proper care can lead to damage over time. If you have the option to park your tractor in enclosed spaces such as barns, make sure that it’s well-ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. In the absence of a dry, covered storage area, consider utilizing a tractor cover or tarp and cables to shield your tractor from rain and other debris when kept outdoors. Remember to choose a secure location away from trees to minimize contact with debris or falling branches.


Clear the surface of debris, then clean the inside

After experiencing heavy downpour or stormy weather, it’s important to promptly assess potential damage or issues that may have arisen and repair them immediately. Start by removing soil, debris, and other impurities to make sure you have a clean surface before wiping away the moisture that leads to build-up and corrosion. Look beyond the tractor’s frame and into various filters, tanks, and moving parts. Check the air filter for trapped moisture and clogging, confirm that the fuel filter is in good shape, and ensure that the fuel tank is free of contaminants. Tighten the fuel tank cap to prevent any moisture or water droplets from getting inside. Lubricate the engine cylinder for safe storage, and add grease to the relevant parts, such as the oil filler hole. For detailed instructions, refer to your tractor’s operator manual and make use of our comprehensive guide on how to properly store your tractor in the post-season.

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TYM resources and TYM dealers are here for you

Taking additional precautions to safeguard your tractor during the rainy and stormy season not only extends its lifespan but also preempts potential when the clouds clear. As seasons change and become more unpredictable, routine checks and regular tractor maintenance are some of the most important preventive measures you can take for your tractor’s durability. By staying alert, proactive, and adaptable, both you and your tractor can navigate any weather or conditions that may arise. Our website offers comprehensive maintenance guides and valuable resources to help you and your tractor get through changing seasons and their diverse challenges. Additionally, the TYM YouTube channel features a series of DIY service videos that cater to many of your maintenance and repair needs. For further assistance, be sure to reach out to a TYM dealer near you who can provide personalized recommendations and service.

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