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Technology Tractor March 15, 2024

TYM’s latest frontier: The T115 tractor makes its mark in Europe

Tractor fans are no strangers to the T115 the latest Series 5 utility tractor from TYM. We’ve shared its many groundbreaking features in the past, and it’s become known for pushing the limits of performance and technology. Since its European debut at last year’s Agritechnica, the T115 has been turning heads and making headlines across the continent for its innovations.

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Get to know the T115

The T115 tractor is a testament to TYM's promise of creating tractors that exceed expectations. It’s the result of advanced function, alluring form, and accessible value, designed to empower operators to tackle any task, big or small. The T115 is a symbol of TYM's commitment to superior craftsmanship and long-lasting value, and it’s set to redefine utility tractors worldwide.


Power and productivity in one robust machine

Wondering how the T115 tractor can take on those big challenges with ease? Peek under the hood to find the turbo-charged, EU Stage V-certified Deutz engine, designed for high torque and powerful performance. With an engine power of 111 hp and a hitch lift capacity of 2417 kg, the T115 is equipped to manage both routine tasks and daunting projects. Additionally, it features a robust transmission system that offers smooth shifting and a wide range of speeds suitable for a range of applications across various terrains.


Versatile enough to meet all your needs

The T115 features dual remotes for the top link and six external rear remotes, allowing for a variety of attachments to be mounted effortlessly. From front-end loaders that help you move large amounts of material to backhoes for big projects, a variety of attachments can enhance T115 functionality across seasons. If its sheer power wasn’t enough to ensure productivity, the T115 tractor is also equipped with brilliant side and rear LED work lights, ensuring safe and unobstructed work in all conditions, ensuring productivity both day and night.

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Innovation meets technology

As part of our fleet of autonomous tractors, the T115 incorporates cutting-edge telematics to maximize efficiency and boost productivity. The T115 is powered by TYM’s Smart Agricultural Management (S.A.M.) system, which helps you manage it using our convenient cloud-based services. Control the tractor from the cabin, view real-time status reports, set parameters using the geofencing function, and more—all from the convenience of a smartphone app.

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Premium features, rivaled only by premium comfort

Why choose between power and comfort? The T115 delivers both, effortlessly. From the premium suspension seat to the deluxe operator cabin, this tractor is meticulously designed for operator comfort and productivity. Not only do you have the comforts of a premium cabin, the cabin also comes equipped with a LCD monitor and rear camera to give you a clear view of rear attachments for your convenience and safety.


The T115 is just the beginning

The T115 tractor is a testament to TYM’s commitment to customer success. The T115 is a powerful, versatile, and technologically advanced machine that is ready to meet the challenges of customers in Europe. By empowering you to transform the land around you, the T115 is here to help you realize your potential with the results you want. To find out more about the T115, as well as product availability and release dates for Europe, get in touch with a TYM Dealer near you.

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