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Story Tractor March 21, 2024

T224 sub-compact tractor delivers superior performance

Searching for a TYM tractor that blends power with agility? Meet the T224, a sub-compact tractor perfect for ambitious homesteads, thriving farms, or busy commercial properties. As a sub-compact tractor, it’s a perfect starter tractor for newcomers to agricultural and landscaping machinery, but it’s also robust enough to tackle the regular maintenance and challenges required in commercial farms and operations. Take a closer look at its features to see how the T224 meets—and exceeds—all your needs.

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Big power in small packages

What does power and maneuverability look like in one package? For size reference, this YouTube video shows you how a T224 sizes up next to two adults while sharing its many useful features. Under the hood, the T224 is equipped with a high-torque, water-cooled Tier 4-certified engine that promotes fuel-efficient operation, allowing you to tackle challenging tasks without excessive fuel consumption.

Versatility with a variety of attachments

With its ability to easily switch between tasks, the T224 is the jack of all trades. Thankfully, each trade becomes easier when there’s a specialized tool engineered specifically for the T224. With the mid-mount linkage, the T224 can easily attach mowers to maintain lawns and fields. Use the MM54 mid-mount mower to transform your tractor into a riding mower. Clean up debris around your property with the TX22H front-end loader. Dig an irrigation system for your acreage using the TB50 backhoe. Or pair your T224 with turf tires or industrial tires to adapt your tractor to your unique terrain and needs. Whether you have a green thumb or you’re tackling a big landscaping project, the compact size and compatibility with a range of attachments allow the T224 to work in tight spaces—making it ideal for gardening and maintaining vegetable plots. To further visualize the T224 in action, check out this YouTube video of the T224 in various applications.


Comfort without compromise

Designed with an emphasis on comfort and safety, the T224 features ergonomic operator controls that are easily accessible for all tasks. The foldable ROPS makes storing the tractor convenient, and allows for more convenient use in low-ceiling environments such as garages or sheds. Adding a cabin further enhances driver convenience and the working environment.

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Compact size meets exceptional performance

The T224 tractor is a testament to TYM's commitment to creating tractors that exceed the needs of owners, empowering them to transform the land around them with a tractor that is both tough and nimble. Choosing TYM means selecting a machine built tough, designed to stand out, and engineered for productivity—no matter its size. For more information on the T224 and other TYM tractors, please get in touch with a TYM Dealer near you.


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