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Story Others June 29, 2023

Celebrate Sustainable Gastronomy Day by eating toward a greener future

The concept of sustainability has gained significant momentum across various sectors, and the world of gastronomy is no exception. On June 18th every year, Sustainable Gastronomy Day brings attention to the crucial role of sustainable food production and consumption in promoting a greener and healthier planet. Sustainable gastronomy encompasses cuisine that considers the origin of ingredients, sustainable farming practices, and the journey from farm to table.


Since its designation by the UN General Assembly in 2016, Sustainable Gastronomy Day has been celebrated and observed worldwide. This day goes beyond mere festivities, as it encourages individuals, communities, and companies to contribute to the global initiative of sustainable gastronomy. Among those actively participating are agritech and tractor companies like TYM, who are leveraging their resources to support sustainable food practices. Let's explore the various ways in which both consumers and producers are engaging with this important day across the globe.

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Food education and awareness programs

Whether you're looking for Sustainable Gastronomy Day activities for kids or planning a Sustainable Gastronomy Day feast for adults, it's essential to prioritize education during the event. To make an impact, it’s crucial that everyone, especially future generations, understands the significance of designating a day to recognize our collective efforts toward a sustainable future. Each year, numerous workshops, seminars, and campaigns are organized to raise awareness about sustainable food choices. Consider participating in one of these events or even organizing your own to educate individuals about the environmental impact of their dietary habits and offer practical tips for embracing sustainable practices.


Farm-to-table restaurants and organizations

Many restaurants and organizations are embracing the farm-to-table concept, sourcing their ingredients locally to reduce carbon footprint and support local farmers. This approach ensures fresher and more sustainable meals for consumers. If you’re not familiar with any farm to table restaurants in your area, try browsing this slide show to get acquainted with notable farm-to-table (or dock-to-dish) restaurants around the world. Then, try a simple Google search for “farm to table restaurants near me” to see what’s available where you are.


Community gardens and urban farming

Who says city dwellers can’t support sustainable farming? Urbanites are increasingly turning to urban farms and community gardens to grow their own food. These initiatives promote self-sufficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and create a sense of community. The combination of hyperlocal food production and innovative agritech business is showing us that there’s potential for change when community meets technology. If you're interested in starting a community garden, watch this helpful webinar from Rutgers University for valuable insights and information.


Sustainable food travel

As vacation season moves into full swing, remember that you can continue to enjoy sustainable gastronomy wherever your travels may take you. When you’re visiting a new country, buy from small producers and family farms at local food markets. Try local food you haven’t encountered before and support the local economy. Patronize restaurants that cook in traditional methods with ingredients native to their region. Visit food festivals that showcase locally sourced and produced foods. For more ideas, see how to eat, shop, and get around more sustainably in this guide to sustainable travel from the New York Times.


TYM’s vision of a sustainable future with autonomous tractors and smart farming

Sustainable Gastronomy Day serves as a reminder of the significant role sustainable food production and consumption play in creating a greener future. Celebrations and initiatives around the world showcase the diverse ways individuals, communities, and organizations are embracing sustainable gastronomy. Likewise, tractor and farm machinery companies like TYM can contribute significantly to this global movement by developing and promoting ICT-enabled technologies that support sustainable agriculture. TYM’s automated tractors are paving the path to bring us closer to our goal of 30% sustainable products and carbon net zero by 2040. With our continued commitment to innovation, TYM leads the charge in the adoption of sustainable technologies in agricultural machinery for a brighter, greener future.

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