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Story Others November 18, 2022

The global trend of rural migration in three different countries

From an unprecedented pandemic to ongoing wars, the past few years have bore witness to global events that are making people reconsider their living environments and move to the countryside. But major disasters aren’t the only things behind this trend of rural migration; inconveniences like inflation and supply chain interruptions have wreaked havoc and have attracted a new generation of people to more self-sustainable lives beyond cities.

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Whether it’s for safety, self-sufficiency, or for new opportunities, here are some of the ways that people around the globe are embracing rural life—and how technology and machinery make it all possible.


Kwichon in South Korea

In 2021, migration to the countryside in South Korea grew by 5.6%, the highest rate in a decade. Koreans call this kwichon, meaning returning to the country. Skyrocketing urban housing costs, expanded remote working flexibility, and growing frustration with the job market have led some to move to farming communities. And the government has taken notice. Many regional governments, particularly the four southernmost provinces of South Korea experiencing the greatest population decline, have started offering monetary incentives and programs designed to help young people migrate to and settle in their regions. Government portals like returnfarm.com provide a breakdown of available agricultural subsidies, jobs, and services by province. With an emphasis on ICT in agriculture, the Korean government has revamped pre-existing incentives while creating new programs like Smart Farm Innovation Valleys to attract and equip a future generation of smart farmers. Alongside smart farms, smart tractors like the telematics-enabled TYM 130 are bringing new technology for this generation of digital-savvy Koreans as they explore opportunities outside the city.


Homesteading in the US


With widespread anxiety stemming from the ongoing pandemic, distressing war, and troubling inflation, homesteading is gaining newfound momentum in the U.S. But being self-reliant by growing your own food and producing your own energy is nothing new. In fact, it’s considered by many as simply returning to our roots. For many homesteaders, the first step to self-sufficiency means tackling a large acreage with a tractor. The family behind Country View Acres on YouTube is currently building out 41 acres of land in Illinois into a homestead with the help of a TYM T654 compact utility tractor. Powerful utility tractors like the T654 are ideal for clearing land for your buildings and farms while maneuverable sub-compact tractors like the TYM T25 are perfect for navigating tight spaces between pens and stalls for feeding and caring for livestock. In a time of supply chain issues, rising food prices, and geopolitical anxiety, the power and versatility of tractors continue to empower many to pursue self-sustaining lifestyles.


Prepping in New Zealand

There are many benefits to self-sustainability and some advocates take it one step further. Homesteading can also evolve into "prepping," a term coined for a niche survivalist movement that focuses on preparing for a catastrophic disaster or emergency in the imminent future. When it comes to the ultimate prepper destination, New Zealand tops the list for those looking to shelter from destruction. The island country isn’t new to being named the best place to live, and it’s now widely acknowledged to be the best place to survive a global societal collapse.

Prepping isn’t just tech billionaires buying property in New Zealand and building bomb shelters. Citing everything from natural disasters and geopolitical threats, a growing number of people are taking a more drastic approach to preparedness, which often requires heavy-duty machinery. For those stockpiling an excess of crops or other materials, a high-capacity front-end loader helps with the heavy lifting and storing. For surviving extreme weather, a tractor like the T494 brings the power of a utility tractor with the agility of a compact tractor to plow through unprecedented snow or mud. For the toughest jobs, robust utility tractors like the T1104 bring the horsepower—plus a deluxe cabin designed for your comfort through inclement weather and other threats.


From hobby farms to homesteading, TYM tractors are your partners for life

When it comes to migrating to the countryside, some people are encouraged by government incentives while some pursue the rewards and autonomy of homesteading. Still others are motivated by a survivalist mentality in the face of food insecurity, geopolitical threats, and other disasters. Whether you’re starting a hobby farm or building a homestead, there’s a range of TYM tractors to tackle all needs and challenges of rural life. To find out more about how TYM tractors can help you grow crops or construct a building in the countryside, visit the interactive TYM World.

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