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Technology Tractor July 18, 2023

Meet the Series 5 and 6 TYM tractors: utility tractor lineup

TYM tractors have undergone significant changes and transformations in recent years. However, 2023 marked a milestone year for us with the merger of TYM and Branson tractors (Kukje Machinery). This merger, which had been in the works for years, was finalized in January with the complete integration of the two tractor brands. Since then, we have been delighted to expand our product and parts lineup, diversify our services, and grow our network of distributors.

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To conclude our coverage of the comprehensive TYM tractor lineup, we are proud to introduce our largest and most robust line of tractors yet: the Series 5 and Series 6 utility tractors. In a series of articles, we’ve explored the various TYM tractor series, from the highly maneuverable sub-compact tractors to the versatile compact utility tractors. Now, get ready to meet our most powerful and advanced utility tractors. Engineered for medium to heavy-duty applications that demand productivity, these tractors offer unmatched performance to overcome all your challenges.

*Please note that the TYM website is available in three versions: Korea, North America, and International. The availability of TYM tractor models vary by region, so be sure to set your respective region as you’re browsing the website.*

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T115 (S. Korea)

T115 utility tractor is equipped with a high-torque Deutz engine that powers this Series 5 tractor through tasks of all sizes. It combines power with the convenience of S.A.M. (Smart Agricultural Management), TYM’s suite of apps that help automate your tractor's operations to increase efficiency and productivity. Whatever the task at hand, you’ll have easy access to all six external rear remotes for tractor attachments. Alongside its productivity features, the T115 also prioritizes convenience amenities. It offers a powershift transmission, premium suspension seats, and side and rear LED work lights, ensuring operator comfort both day and night. For an in-depth look at the T115 and its groundbreaking advancements among utility tractors, see this article.

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T1104 (N. America)

Meet the T1104 utility tractor, one of the largest TYM tractors available in North America from our Series 5 tractor lineup. Designed to tackle the toughest jobs and maximize productivity, the T1104 combines heavy-duty capabilities and functional engineering. No task is too big for the T1104. Equipped with a reliable 4-cylinder, Tier 4 Doosan diesel engine, it delivers unwavering performance across a wide range of applications and in any condition. The 6-port rear hydraulic valve makes it easy to manage and control various functions like row crop farming and material handling. Additionally, the hitch linkage allows attachments to be connected, swapped out, and positioned with ease and precision. Whether you’re taking on challenging jobs or complex projects, the T1104 tractor is up to the task, so you can focus on matters. Whatever the task at hand, you can enjoy the comfort of operating a tractor from the heated and cooled cabin full of modern amenities, staying safe and productive, come rain or shine.

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K110E (S. Korea)

From the panoramic cabin to the impressive 111ps (109.5hp) engine, it’s no surprise that the K110E is the best-selling tractor in South Korea. The K110E’s fuel-efficient common rail engine is paired with a powerful PTO, allowing for excellent productivity when cultivating crops and livestock farming. The K110E boasts a fuel-efficient, high-power, quiet 111ps (109.5hp) common rail engine, along with a powerful PTO, that empowers farmers on the field or on site. The K110E also features a powerful external lift cylinder, with capable lift and high towing capability of 4,200kgf. In addition to being recognized for its performance, the K110E tractor is known to be equally comfortable as it is productive, featuring dual side mirrors, easy-to-read instrument panel, and comfortable cabin.

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T130 (S. Korea)

TYM's flagship tractor, the T130, is renowned for its exceptional performance and premium features that prioritize operator convenience. This Series 6 utility tractor effortlessly combines sophisticated design, powerful performance, and intelligent functionality. Powered by a Deutz common rail engine and a Bosch advanced electronic hydraulic control system, the T130 handles high-intensity workloads. Its specifications not only meet but exceed the strength and capabilities required for commercial-scale crop and livestock operations.

The T130 stands out both inside and out, boasting a range of enhanced features. It makes a lasting impression with a backlit LED emblem and subtle aesthetic touches throughout. The cabin is fully equipped with TYM's premium operator features, including a 10.1-inch touchscreen monitor that displays essential vehicle information, a wireless smartphone charger to keep you connected, and an insulated cup holder to keep you refreshed.

Which Series 5 and 6 TYM utility tractor is the best for you?

TYM's Series 5 and Series 6 utility tractors not only set the standard for modern utility tractors but also deliver unmatched performance and advanced technology. Together, these tractors showcase the perfect blend of power and comfort, enabling you to tackle any task with confidence. By empowering farmers and operators to overcome challenges and achieve ambitious goals, TYM tractors play a vital role in helping them thrive in their businesses and livelihoods.

Whether you’re in the market for a utility tractor or simply interested in learning more about TYM tractors, we encourage you to get in touch with a TYM dealer near you or reach out to a TYM distributor. To explore the world of TYM regardless of your location, visit TYM World Online to browse the full range of tractors available on our website.

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