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Technology Tractor May 10, 2023

Meet the Series 2 and 3 Tractors: compact tractor lineup

If you’re in the market for a new tractor, there is no better time than now to explore the full range of TYM tractors. Since the merger of TYM and Branson tractors (Kukje Machinery) in January 2023, the TYM tractor lineup has expanded to offer a wider range of tractors. Whether you're a homesteader looking for a versatile sub-compact tractor or you’re in need of utility tractors for a large-scale farm, there’s a TYM tractor for you. 

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By now, you’ve encountered the full TYM tractor lineup and the sub-compact Series 1 TYM tractors. In this article, we explore some of the most popular Series 2 and 3 TYM compact tractors. TYM compact tractors are built to take on more demanding tasks while maintaining the smallest frame possible, tackling everything from routine jobs to tougher tasks with ease. See how the Series 2 and 3 tractors and their various TYM attachments can help you do everything from tilling to transporting.

Note: There are three versions of the TYM website: Korea, North America, and International. TYM tractor models and their availability varies by region, so be sure to set your respective region as you’re browsing the website.

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Series 2

T394 tractor (N. America) / T395 (International)

The Series 2 T394 tractor, also known internationally as the T395, is the complete package: compact, durable, and efficient. The T394 is a popular choice among farmers who operate in greenhouses or stables because it packs impressive power into a small frame. The responsive hydrostatic controls, including the forward and reverse pedal and powered steering wheel, ensure a smooth ride whether you're driving inside a structure or in the open air. You'll appreciate the comfort and maneuverability provided by the standard model with foldable ROPS, as well as the T394C with the premium cabin. The Tier 4 certified water-cooled Yanmar engine offers more torque with less revs compared to competitors in its class. From the easy-to-open hood and dual filter air cleaners, the T394’s design allows for easy maintenance while contributing to the tractor’s longevity. To see the T394 and TYM attachments in action, check out our product overview video on the TYM YouTube channel.

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T474 (N. America) / T475 (International)

The 474 tractor, also known internationally as the T475, is one of the most popular compact tractors from TYM. Proven to be durable and engineered to be efficient, this tractor is the premium Series 2 tractor that can do it all. With impressive power and lift capacity, this tractor can handle a wide range of jobs with ease. The Hydro-Max HST transmission with auto throttle and dual hydraulic pedals ensure smooth and precise operations, whether you're working on a spacious lawn or in tight spaces. Thanks to its 48.3 hp clean EPA Tier 4 engine, the T474 meets emissions standards without requiring a DPF filter. The driver's comfort is a top priority, with a suspension seat and ergonomically-designed levers and pedals. Additionally, the optional fully-enclosed easy cabin makes this tractor suitable for all seasons. For a closer look at the T474 in detail, check out this product overview video on YouTube.

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K42 (S. Korea)

The K42 compact tractor delivers high performance in a small package, making it a versatile choice for various tasks. Equipped with a powerful Tier-4 turbo engine, the K42 delivers exceptional productivity wherever your work takes you. The K42 tractor features a durable transmission and the most powerful PTO in its class, allowing you to maximize the use of attachments. The tractor's convenience features, including a tilt steering wheel, RPM adjustment lever, and FWD lever, among others, offer a comfortable driving experience. With its 4-port rear hydraulic valves, the K42 can accommodate a wide range of attachments for tasks such as rotary tilling, plowing, and material transportation. If you’re looking for a machine that can maintain a compact size without compromising output, the K42 compact tractor is your tractor.

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4820 (N. America)

The 4820 is a highly customizable Series 3 tractor that delivers both high performance and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for boosting productivity. The 4820 is one of the strongest and toughest in its horsepower range, providing both power and dependability in its compact frame. The 4-cycle engine, along with a 4-range Hydro-Max HST or Synchro-Shuttle transmission, allows you to drive a range of attachments. The 2-speed independent PTO also allows you to operate attachments with greater fuel efficiency without compromising productivity. If you need a powerful partner for digging a watering hole or construction site, the 4820 has got you covered with its heavy-duty 3-point hitch and stabilizers. And if you need to move dirt and debris, the high-capacity front-end loader attachment can help you do that in less trips. For all-year-round use, the 4820C comes with a comfortable all-season cabin, making it an excellent choice for those who need to operate in any weather or condition.

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T494 tractor (N. America) / T495 (International)

The T494 tractor, also known internationally as the T495, combines the best features from TYM’s compact and utility ranges, making it an ideal choice for tackling tough jobs in small, tight spaces. The 48.3 hp Tier 4-certified 4-cylinder engine and powerful hydraulics behind the power steering system make the T494 an operator's dream. The tractor is engineered with telescopic links and stabilizers at the hitch, allowing you to quickly attach and swap out rear attachments of all sizes, while the heavy-duty 4WD front axle enables it to lift and tow heavy loads. For ultimate comfort year-round, the T494 C model comes equipped with a premium cabin, complete with full A/C and heating, cushioned seating, and modern amenities like Bluetooth-enabled speakers and wireless smartphone charging ports. Love the efficiency and productivity of the T494 but need more power? Check out the T575 tractor. It’s another compact tractor in the Series 3 lineup with the same dimensions and features as the T494, but with a turbocharged engine with additional horsepower.


Which TYM compact tractor is right for you?

TYM's compact tractors offer performance comparable to utility tractors while retaining the dimensions of a sub-compact tractor. The versatile Series 2 and Series 3 TYM tractors are highly sought after by farmers and operators worldwide for their productivity and efficiency.  To find out more about our tractors, reach out to your local TYM dealer or distributor. If you can’t locate a TYM dealer near you, simply visit TYM World Online to explore the full range of tractors available on our website

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