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Story Others July 26, 2023

Design meets function in farmer fashion around the world

Imagine you’re in a place filled with worn overalls, knee-high wellies, and cowboy hats. Are you at a family farm, a country music convention, or at Fashion Week? The answer could very well be all of the above.

Farmer fashion has long been valued for its functional design but is now also celebrated for its heritage aesthetic and appeal. In fact, people have been drawing inspiration from farmers’ styles for decades. Across the world, you’ll find regional trends and cross-cultural variations that are inspired by rural life. Read on to explore how farmer fashion across different continents draws inspiration from the various traditions and people around the world.

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Timeless outdoors heritage in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, a blend of traditional farming practices and rural aesthetics comes together to create a timeless look that has inspired fashion trends worldwide. Several distinctive elements that exude a certain European chic can be traced back to the outdoors. Tweed jackets, rubber boots, and flat caps are among these iconic pieces with roots in the English countryside. For example, rubber boots and wellies have long been essential footwear for muddy hunting excursions in rural areas. Similarly, the flannel shirt, now popular among everyone from Canadian loggers to Japanese hipsters, originated as a woolen work shirt worn by 17th-century Welsh farmers to stay warm. These classic and fashionable sensibilities have been integrated into heritage outdoor brands such as Burberry and Barbour, continuing to be celebrated and worn globally to this day.


Functional fashion with flair in Korea

While fashionable city chic may be the mainstay of K-drama and K-pop, the style embraced by the farming communities in Korea is far more functional. Koreans are one of the most sun-protected people in the world, and their clothing choices reflect this practicality. Visit any rural field in Korea, and you’ll notice an array of functional, extra-wide brimmed hats and lightweight, colorful aprons, protective arm sleeves, and colorful “refrigerator” pants in the Korean farmer lookbook. It’s no secret that the aging population in Korea, where the average age of farmers in Korea is over 66, contributes to the distinct fashion choices found on the ground. Floral patterns and vibrant colors are prevalent, making a bold statement: these farmers prioritize comfort and functionality over style. They are not here to showcase their heritage or fashion sense; their primary focus is to farm effectively.


Frontiers and wild west influences in the Americas

Although the cowboy originated from Mexico’s vaqueros, the term itself evokes images of America’s frontiers and early settlers. Cowboys donned wide-brimmed hats for sun protection and sturdy boots to navigate rough terrain on horseback. The American cowboy, with his rugged and versatile fashion, passed his style down to North American ranchers, farmers, and laborers. A pivotal moment came in 1873 when Levi Strauss revolutionized denim by adding rivets to pants, creating what is now known as “jeans,” the original workwear. Over the following decades, the durability and comfort of jeans caught the attention of the mainstream, while Hollywood western movies further popularized the cowboy lifestyle. As a result, this iconic look has endured to this day, appealing to those in both rural and urban surroundings.


Styling for safety while operating your tractor

Regardless of your own fashion sense, it’s hard to deny the sheer inventiveness and functionality in rural attire, as well as their unique place in the local farming traditions. While regional styles may vary significantly, one constant remains: farm and outdoor wear prioritizes practicality and safety. Loose-fitting clothing can pose a risk when near moving parts of tractors and other equipment. To ensure your safety, always wear fitted pants, tuck in any loose shirt tails, and avoid wearing scarves when working on or around machinery. Protect your feet by wearing sturdy work shoes or boots. Leave earrings, necklaces, or any dangling or flapping accessories at home, as they present hazards in a farming environment. Safety first, fashion second!

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TYM tractors combine safety and comfort

In TYM tractors, just like farm fashion, the design seamlessly merges with functionality. TYM tractors with all-season cabins provide protection from the sun and rain, keeping you cool in summer and cozy in winter. Starting with our Series 2 compact tractors, you'll discover models equipped with cabins that ensure your comfort and safety while you work.

But it's not just the physical safety features that TYM tractors offer; they also incorporate advanced technologies to keep you secure wherever you go. Advanced tractors like the T130 are equipped with Digital Automated Vehicular Experience (D.A.V.E.) technology which includes the auto engine shutdown safety feature that continuously monitors the vehicle location and automatically shuts off the engine if there is a loss of signal or deviation from a course. Additionally, the roll-over detection feature detects potential rollovers and promptly shuts off the engine and alerts emergency contacts. In the Series 4 and 5 tractors, the Smart Agricultural Management (S.A.M.) monitoring system includes a suite of apps that contribute to both tractor and operator safety.

No matter where your work may take you or what attire you may be dressed in, TYM tractors are there to ensure your utmost comfort and safety.

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