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Story Tractor April 17, 2024

TYM F50 tractor leads the way with outstanding performance and comfort

Meet the F50, the TYM tractor from the compact Series 2 lineup. The F50 combines the power of a turbocharged engine and the versatility of a compact body, enabling you to take on a variety of tasks like tilling, landscaping, loading, hauling, and more.

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Power and stability for a wide range of applications

The F50 is powered by TYM's own eco-friendly Stage-V 4-cylinder 48 hp turbo engine. Despite its compact frame, the F50 has a wide wheelbase and substantial body weight for excellent traction and lift capacity. Choose between a highly efficient HST transmission (F50HN) or synchro-shuttle transmission (F50RN) for precise control and convenience even in heavy-duty applications.

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Superior comfort to get the job done

The F50's easy-to-operate differential locking system ensures that you won't lose traction in slippery conditions, and the steering angle of up to 52 degrees makes it easy to maneuver through tight spaces. That's not all—the tilt steering wheel and suspension seat can be adjusted to fit the operator’s body type and reduce fatigue during long hours of work while the optional front and rear LED work lights increase visibility for added safety. And with tire options to suit your terrain, you can optimize your tractor's performance to get the job done.

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Versatility to work anywhere

The F50's small footprint belies its big versatility in a wide range of applications. In the field, you can maneuver the tractor freely between crops and unleash its power to efficiently till, spread soil, and sow. And when paired with attachments like backhoes, front-end loaders, and grapples, construction tasks like clearing sites, moving material, and installing fences can be a breeze. Whether it's tending to lawns, gardens, or ponds, the F50 can handle an array of landscaping tasks. No matter the size of your space or the area you're working in, the F50's versatility will boost your productivity on any job.

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The F50 tractor opens up even more possibilities

TYM’s innovations have made the F50 a useful tractor for all-weather use in job sites of all sizes, guaranteeing year-round productivity. Above all, its class-leading wide wheelbase delivers excellent traction for superior performance in heavy-duty tasks.

The F50 tractor simplifies your challenges. With the F50, TYM once again demonstrates our commitment to supporting customers in a variety of farming environments around the world. To learn more about the F50, contact your local TYM dealer or visit the TYM website.

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