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Story Others April 23, 2024

A seasonal journey: Barbecue traditions from around the world

When the days get longer, fields turn greener, and fruits ripen with each passing day, we know that summer has arrived. This season is a busy time for farming activities, with tractors playing a vital role in preparing fields, planting seeds, and harvesting crops. Summer is also the time for outdoor activities, including the time-honored tradition of barbecues that celebrate the season's harvest. Join us as we explore communal eating, outdoor cooking, and celebration of the earth’s bounty in different corners of the world.

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Gogi-gui in Korea

No trip to Korea is complete without experiencing 'gogi-gui,' a Korean BBQ that's as much a social event as it is a filling meal. This style of BBQ involves grilling various meats on gas or charcoal grills, often built directly into the dining table. Popular cuts include fatty slices of fresh pork belly and sweeter marinated beef such as "bulgogi" (beef sirloin or tenderloin) and "galbi" (beef ribs). Korean BBQ is characterized by its communal spirit, where diners cook their meats to their liking and enjoy them directly with an array of side dishes known as "banchan." Meats are often enjoyed as “ssam,” wrapped in lettuce or other greens with flavorful add-ons like garlic and savory condiments like soy bean and chili paste. Grilling and eating together emphasizes the communal aspect of sharing food and conversation, making Korean BBQ a deeply social dining experience.

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BBQ in United States

Reflecting the country's diverse cultural landscape, American BBQ is a rich tapestry with each region boasting its own distinctive style of barbecue. In Texas, the tradition centers around beef brisket, which is cooked slow and low to tender perfection. Meanwhile, the Carolinas are celebrated for their pork-based BBQ, featuring pulled or chopped meat dressed in a tangy vinegar-based sauce. Memphis is known for its smoky, crusty ribs, and Kansas City offers a variety of meats slathered in a thick, sweet sauce. Backyard grills, neighborhood cookouts, and competitive BBQ events showcase the diversity and communal spirit of American BBQ, making it a key part of national identity.

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Asado in Argentina

You can’t set foot in Argentina without trying "asado," a celebrated culinary tradition that revolves around cooking premium cuts of beef along with other meats such as “chorizo” (sausage) and “matambre” (stuffed flank steak) on a grill or over an open fire. Originating from the country's rich cattle ranching heritage, asado is an important social event that brings families and communities together. This tradition, celebrated across the nation, reflects the Argentine emphasis on leisurely dining and communal enjoyment.

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Churrasco in Brazil

Brazilian barbecue, or “churrasco,” can be traced back to the 16th century when Portuguese colonizers introduced cattle to Brazil. There, “gauchos,” or cowboys, developed a distinct method of cooking by skewering large cuts of meat on stakes and roasting them over open flames after long herding expeditions. Once a practical way to feed large groups, churrasco has now evolved into a significant cultural event celebrating culinary skills and community. Today, this tradition lives on in the churrascarias across Brazil and beyond, where a variety of meats are served to the table on skewers, showcasing the rich heritage of Brazil’s culinary tradition.

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From farm to grill: The role of tractors in BBQ traditions

Wherever people gather, a vibrant BBQ culture thrives. The communal spirit of barbecues mirror the collective efforts in farming communities, where tractors are a symbol of hard work and productivity. These machines help produce the very ingredients used in BBQs around the world, from the livestock raised in Argentina and the US to the vegetables that enhance Korean and Brazilian dishes. Understanding this connection deepens our appreciation for the agricultural processes that sustain BBQ traditions worldwide. To see how TYM tractors can be used to raise livestock or grow food to build your own culinary tradition, visit tym.world or contact a TYM Dealer near you.


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