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Story Tractor December 27, 2021

A rising trend in the sales of lawn and garden equipment

In 2020, powered lawn and garden equipment sales grew by more than 5% as consumers turned into a highly DIY lifestyle. Spending more time at home and lessening social interactions led to homeowners preferring to do chores like maintaining their yards and clearing their lands from debris or snow by themselves.

With travel restrictions in place, vacation funds shifted to home renovation projects, like installation and expansion of outdoor areas where families could safely socialize.

To do these chores and construct these home projects, homeowners needed to buy lawn and garden equipment. Among the list of best-selling and most preferred power equipment in 2020 are sub-compact tractors, like the TYM T25. They are small and easy to operate but can still accomplish various tasks, unlike specialized powered equipment like lawnmowers.

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Lawn and garden maintenance activities

Sub-compact tractors can be fitted with several attachments, which improves their versatility and enables them to accomplish many tasks around a property. Here are some examples of easy applications that anyone could do with a sub-compact tractor.

  1. Mowing
    One of the most common yard work, mowing, can be easily done with a sub-compact tractor. With the T25 sub-compact, simply adding a mower attachment can transform it into a highly efficient lawnmower. It has a dedicated mid-mount linkage that allows for easy attachment to a range of mowers in different sizes. With mower attachments, your sub-compact can mow through grass cuttings taller than six inches and on uneven ground.

  2. Gardening
    A sub-compact tractor can be an efficient solution for gardening that can require a lot of different tools. Instead of buying specialized equipment for each activity, fitting your sub-compact with a hydraulic tiller enables it to do all the tilling, prepping of the seedbed, and controlling weeds with one machine.

  3. Landscaping
    Attaching a front-end loader to a sub-compact tractor can help you easily haul soil and other heavy landscape materials.

    For example, the T25 has a powerful hydraulic system that enables its front-end loader in lifting and transporting lightweight to heavy materials from mulch to wet sand and rocks. In addition, it has a robust engine and high PTO power that can support a variety of attachments, like spreaders and sprayers, transforming it into a multi-purpose landscaping tool.

  4. Snow clearing
    A sub-compact can be used even when autumn passes and seasons change. For example, fitting a snowblower into your T25 can transform it into a versatile machine that can clear snow on driveways and other parcels of land.

  5. Construction
    When it comes to building a range of outdoor areas, from small projects like gazebos and decks to more significant ones, like barns or dry storages for your tractors, a sub-compact tractor like the T25 can be an asset.

    Since even minor construction projects can require various specialized equipment, a sub-compact can be an efficient solution. Fitting it with various attachments can help you accomplish a range of construction applications. Whether you need it for digging holes for barn posts, lifting roofing materials, or simply leveling ground for your gazebo, a sub-compact tractor has the versatility and power to support you.

The stay-at-home movement from 2020 has revealed how homeowners can do chores like yard maintenance and outdoor area renovation by themselves. Equipped with a versatile equipment like a sub-compact tractor, homeowners could even save more time and money in the long run. 

Make the most out of your tractor by learning which attachments to use in specific applications. Read our article on the world of tractor attachments to learn more.

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