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TX25P FEL Featured

TX25P Front-End Loader

Enhance the functionality of your TYM sub-compact tractor with the TX25P front-end loader. With impressive lift capacity and height, this TYM front-end loader can help you lift, move and handle material more effectively.

Lift height
75 in. / 1905 mm
Lift capacity
948 lb / 430 kgf
Bucket capacity
6 cu. ft / 0.17 cu. m

*The current model is for illustrative purposes only. Available products, features, and specifications may vary depending on your region.

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Engineered to deliver impressive performance with its enhanced features, the TX25P front-end loader takes advantage of the power and capabilities of its compatible sub-compact tractor. With impressive dig depth and maximum rollback angle, you can handle materials more securely. Perform intense tasks without losing stability with TX25P’s impressive lift capacity and breakout force. Built with self-levelling features installed, the TX25P front-end loader can help you focus on the work and improve your productivity.
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Technical specifications

Contact your nearest dealer for more information on TYM attachments.

Lift height 75 in. (1905 mm)
Max. lift height under level bucket 68.9 in. (1749 mm)
Clearance with bucket dumped 54.3 in. (1378 mm)
Reach at maximum lift height 24 in. (610 mm)
Max. dump angle 40°
Reach with bucket on ground 54 in. (1372 mm)
Max. rollback angle 18°
Digging depth 4.3 in. (108 mm)
Lift capacity 948 lb (430 kgf)
Breakout force at ground level, pivot points 1680 lb (720 kgf)
Bucket rollback force at ground line 926 lb (420 kgf)
Bucket capacity 6 cu. ft (0.17 cu. m)
Self leveling NA
Relief valve setting (Loader control valve) 2205 psi (155 kg/sq. cm)
Overall height in carry position 41.4 in. (1052 mm)
Depth of Attachment (to the back of the inner shell) 18.4 in. (467 mm)
Height of Attachment 19.1 in. (484 mm)
Length of Attachment (to pivot point) 24.1 in. (613 mm)
Weight of boom & quick attach mechanism (1) 284.4 lb (129 kg)
Weight of mounting frame (2) 119 lb (54 kg)
Weight of bucket (3) 145.5 lb (66 kg)
Loader total weight (1+2+3) 549 lb (249 kg)
Lift cylinder 1.8x1.2 in. (45x30 mm)
Bucket cylinder 1.6x1.0 in. (40x25 mm)
Attachment used for specification 52 in. (1320 mm)
Boom raising time 4.2 sec
Boom lowering time 2.6 sec
Bucket rollback time 1.8 sec
Bucket dumping time 2.9 sec

Compatible bucket sizes

TYM's multi-purpose buckets are capable of bulldozing, scraping, loading, metering, moving, and clamping material.

50" Front-End Loader bucket

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