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A guide to buying your first tractor

Buying your first tractor can be a significant capital expenditure. Sometimes, the most powerful tractor may not the most effective option for your needs. There are a number of important considerations to make when buying a tractor to identify the proper model for your applications.

To determine what model suits your requirements, we have created this guide to help you choose and buy your first tractor.

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Consider your power requirements

Before deciding on which tractor model to buy, think about the applications you require and rank them based on how frequently you need to do these tasks. This activity helps in determining how much horsepower, hydraulic capacity, and PTO power you will need.

For example, suppose you have a two acres of multipurpose land that requires regular lawn mowing, the cleaning of debris, and a small herd of livestock to feed. To cover a small acreage while supporting the need for a powered attachment, a small sub-compact tractor is an ideal choice as it offers a balance between size and power. In TYM’s product line specifically, the T224 sub-compact has enough engine and hydraulic power to cover mowing, cleaning, and feeding of livestock. 

The key to getting the most out of your tractor is to balance specifications with the applications you will use.

Learn more about the proper type of tractor you require based on applications by checking our infographic on common tractors by application.

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Choose your attachments and implements

Your list of applications gives you an idea of how much engine power you need and which attachments and implements to buy. Standard attachments, like front-end loaders and backhoes, allow versatility across a range of applications.

In the case of our small land example, a front-end loader with a bucket can support the regular cleaning and feeding of livestock. Adding a mid-mount mower can also take care of your mowing needs.

However, be mindful of the lift capacity of your attachments. For example, the T224 sub-compact can support a front-end loader with a lift capacity of 948 lbs. If you require more lifting power for any future applications, you can upgrade to a slightly bigger tractor, like the T264 sub-compact that can support up to 1,380 lbs of material.

Similarly, implements have the same consideration. If you are looking to build a new fenced area for you livestock, you will require a backhoe with an auger to drill holes for the fence posts.

As your engine power needs and capability requirements increase, consider getting a larger tractor that can support more powerful attachments. Learn more about the power and capabilities offered by each category of tractor by checking our product architecture.

Options and accessories

Tractors come with a range of options and accessories that are specific to the operator’s needs and environment they live in, such as a block heater for colder climates. Each tractor has its own specific list of upgrades. Make sure these options and accessories are reviewed before purchasing.

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Financing your tractor

At this point, you have narrowed down your choice of tractor model, attachments, options and accessories. The next step is to determine the suitable payment option for your purchase: paying upfront for a brand new tractor, getting financial support or buying a used tractor.

Brand new tractors come with guarantees and warranties that make choosing this option highly ideal. You can either pay for the machine upfront or opt for financing programs. TYM dealers offer flexible financing support that may vary per dealership and region. 

If a financing package still does not meet your budgetary needs, consider revising your list of requirements to only the most important or look into the used tractor market to find a similar tractor within the same power and capabilities you need — though this may come with its own set of challenges and issues.

Get in touch with your local TYM dealers to explore their range of tractor models, attachments, options, accessories and financing support packages. Find the nearest dealer near you.             

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