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How-to Tractor June 22, 2023

TYM tractor service: T25 engine oil and oil filter

Changing a tractor’s engine oil and oil filter may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't necessarily require a visit to a tractor repair shop near you. With this in mind, we’ve created the TYM tractor service videos to empower and assist more TYM owners. Whether you're conducting routine maintenance or a milestone check-up, we invite you to explore TYM video tutorials for your next tractor service.

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Visit TYM’s official YouTube channel, @TYMTractorsUSA, where you’ll find the Service Series, a collection of short videos designed to assist TYM owners in self-servicing their tractors. In the fourth installment of the series, we explain how to change the engine oil filter on our popular sub-compact model, the T25. In addition to the actual step-by-step process, the video also emphasizes useful tips and information. For example, we highlight the capacity of the oil drain pan and demonstrate how you can monitor the degree of tightening when replacing the oil filter. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a complete novice, our Service Series videos are an invaluable resource for those looking to maintain their TYM tractor.


TYM tractor service videos can help you service, maintain, and even repair your own TYM tractor. With clear video and graphic illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, our videos are designed to empower both TYM owners and TYM dealers who need guidance and support for tractor upkeep. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Our service series video that shows you how to change the T25’s engine oil and oil filter is broken down into three major parts:

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Replacement cycles

Whether it’s a daily check, routine maintenance, or a more intensive replacement, we outline the recommended replacement cycle times for each service. For the engine oil, the initial change is at 50 hours, and for every 250 hours of use after that.

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Two Image

Tools and parts needed

In addition to the parts you need, we show you the additional tools or protective gear you need to keep you safe as you start servicing your tractor. Don’t forget extra rags or paper towels for any spills!

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Step-by-step instructions

Easy step-by-step directions on how to replace the part, illustrated by easy-to-follow graphics that show exactly where you open, remove, drain, or tighten. Be sure to heed the safety warnings included in the video when servicing your tractor.

To learn more about TYM parts, browse through the Parts & Support pages on our website and download the parts catalog for your tractor model. If you need to place an order for TYM tractor parts, use this form to send a request to the closest TYM dealer. For further assistance with your TYM tractor and parts maintenance, get in touch with your local TYM dealer.

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