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How-to Tractor October 25, 2023

TYM tractor service: Daily maintenance checklist for your TYM

No matter how big or small their machinery, most tractor owners take pride in the condition of their tractors. This often reflects their dedication and expertise in machine maintenance.

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Tractor operators understand that regular upkeep is crucial for ensuring the longevity of their equipment, and TYM’s popular sub-compact tractor, the T25, is no exception.There are a range of tractor resources available to guide you through the maintenance process, from simple routine checks to milestone servicing. Maintenance information can be found in your operator’s manual and on the maintenance page of the TYM website. For visual learners, we offer a special video series on the YouTube channel to assist you every step of the way.

The tractor Service Series on YouTube is a collection of short videos designed to help TYM owners self-service their tractors, focusing on our popular sub-compact model, the T25. In addition to the ins and outs and step-by-step processes of tractor servicing, these videos also emphasize useful tips and information. For both seasoned mechanics and first-time tractor owners, our Service Series videos offer invaluable guidance for maintaining a TYM tractor.



With clear video and graphic illustrations, our materials aim to empower both TYM owners and dealers who need guidance and support for tractor repair and maintenance. Our daily maintenance checklist video provides a comprehensive overview of the routine checks to keep your T25 in top shape. This video is broken down into seven major parts: tractor, tires, engine room, fluids, electric system, greasing, and storage tips.

Checking the tractor

Checking for broken parts
Checking oil leaks
Checking PTO spline
Checking links and pins

Checking the tires

Checking tire conditions
Adjusting inflation pressure
Adjusting wheel bolts and nuts torque

Checking the engine room

Cleaning air cleaner
Cleaning radiator
Checking water in water separator
Checking coolant level
Checking fan belt

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Checking the fluids

Checking fuel level
Checking engine oil level
Checking Tm/M oil level
Checking front axle oil level

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Checking the electric system

Checking cluster
Checking lamps
     - Head lamps
     - Turn signal lamps
     - Working lamps
     - Stop lamps

Single Image Single Image

Applying the grease (every 50 hours)

Front axle support (FR)
Front axle support (RR)
Brake rod (RH)
Break rod (LH)

Tractor storage tips

Disconnect battery terminal
Deflating tires
Lowering implement
Applying parking brake


Regular maintenance ensures your TYM tractor stays in optimal working condition, extending its productivity and lifespan. For more resources on tractor maintenance, visit the Parts & Support menu of the TYM website, and navigate to the Useful Resources page. There, you’ll find daily and milestones service checklists. For additional support with your TYM tractor and parts maintenance, contact your local TYM dealer.

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