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A daily checklist on how to properly use and maintain your tractor

Before you hop into your TYM tractor and start your day, make sure everything is in its proper place and working perfectly. Take a minute to give your tractor a once-over to spot and fix any potential issues early on. This short and simple step could help improve your tractor’s performance and ensure the longevity of your machine.

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Follow the detailed checklist below for the daily use and maintenance of your TYM tractor.

  • Check your tractor’s overall appearance. Look for any signs of wear and tear: loose or missing parts, cuts or breaks in the tires, leaks, or build-up of dirt.
  • Take a moment to look at your tractor’s sediment bowl and clear it off of sediments and water if there are any.
  • Make sure your tractor’s fluids and fuel are on their proper levels. Running your tractor with fluid levels on low could cause damage and performance issues to your machine. Look into your engine oil, fuel, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and transmission fluid. 
  • When checking your tractor’s hydraulic fluid, make sure to detach your rear hydraulic implements and lower the bucket loader, as they could affect the oil level reading.
  • Check your air, fuel, and oil filters and make sure there is no dirt, grass, or debris. These filters are in place to keep your engine running smoothly, and any dirt particles or contaminants could destroy your engine from the inside out.
  • Make sure to grease and lubricate every joint to keep the engine running smoothly. Pay attention to the drive shaft, front axle, brake arm pivot, and steering ram.
  • Inspect your tractor’s radiator fins and grills and the fan belt for any damages. If there is any dirt or grass stuck in your tractor’s radiator grills, clear it out using air pressure.
  • Check your battery and make sure it is secured safely. Inspect the fluid levels of the battery cells and if there are any loose connections.
  • Using thin and worn-out tires increases tread wear and the fuel consumption of your tractor. To prevent this from happening, check the tire pressure and ensure it is at the proper level for the amount of work needed for the day.
  • Place your tractor in neutral and check if its safety features are working fine. These safety features include the safety belt, brakes, levers, safety switches, and hazard lights. Check if the PTO shields are in place.
  • Start your engine and listen for any abnormal vibrations or sounds.

Performing daily care and maintenance checks like this will only take a few minutes but ensure your tractor will work smoothly for a longer time. Learn more about future maintenance checks by referring to your TYM operator’s manual.

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