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South Korea

Headquarters and homeland of TYM Tractors. Focused on the Korean market.

North America

For the US and Canadian market, with regional headquarters in North Carolina.


Global coverage and support for Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

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Compact tractors

From 35 to 56 hp, TYM compact tractors offer greater lift and engine capabilities, all within a small tractor frame. With higher output and easy maneuverability, these tractors strike the right balance to help owners realize the goals on their property or semi-commercial development.

Reasons to choose a TYM compact tractor

From property owners looking to develop their land to contractors who want added support larger projects, TYM compact tractors have the power, maneuverability and multi-purpose capabilities to deliver.

Faster traveling speeds and greater control
Foldable ROPS and the smallest possible turning radius, so you can take on low overhead clearance and narrow spaces with ease

Quick and easy maintenance
Engine and auxiliary systems are housed under an easy-open hood, ideal for daily checks and routine maintenance

Premium operator station
In addition to ergonomic seating and intuitive controls, a premium cabin can be used for additional operator comfort and productivity

Delivering power and efficiency across applications

Combining compact design with enhanced functionality, TYM compact tractors offer a number of models to meet various engine outputs, lift capacities, implement linkage points and open or cabin-based configurations.

Ideal for light-to-medium duty tasks like small-scale farming, contracting work, snow clearing and landscaping, the TYM compact tractor is essential for maintenance and development of larger private properties or semi-commercial operations.

Arable Farming
Snow Clearing

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