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How-to Tractor November 29, 2022

A guide to TYM compact tractors and their many uses on the farm and beyond

Looking for performance, agility, and range? You just might find it in TYM compact tractors. While compact might mean different things in different contexts, these tractors possess 25 to 60 HP (PS) and weighs between 1,500 to 6,000 lbs (680 - 2,720 kg). Within these parameters is a fleet of TYM Series 3 and Series 4 tractors that offer versatility and the perfect balance of power and agility. These TYM tractors can do it all—without taking up too much space. Read below to explore our line of compact tractors and how they can be fitting for everyone from a novice farmer to a seasoned operator.

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TYM Series 3 compact tractors bring agility and strength

Designed to be durable and engineered for efficiency, the TYM Series 3 compact tractors are equipped to take on harder tasks in smaller spaces. With minimized height and optimized maneuverability, these tractors are perfect for jobs with low ceilings or tight passages. Good clearance above the ground and overhead allows drivers to tackle uneven terrain and restricted spaces with ease. Equipped with high engine efficiency, impressive lift capabilities, and the option of a foldable ROPS or heated cab, the Series 3 tractors can perform light-to-medium duty jobs all year round.

The Series 3 T395 and T475 compact tractors are one of our most popular tractors for a reason. With their compact frames and small turn radius, they are the perfect fit for maneuvering around an orchard, through a greenhouse, or between raised beds. You can easily adapt the T395 and T475 to your surroundings with the foldable ROPS, allowing easy entry into structures, or make it an all-weather tractor with the optional cabin. To explore and build your own Series 3 tractor and request a quote, configure each model in 3D on our website: T395 | T475

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TYM Series 4 compact tractors demonstrate upgraded performance

When you need a compact frame, but more power output and lift capabilities, look no further than the TYM Series 4 Tractors. These tractors possess optimized dimensions and maximized lift capacity, making them compatible with a bigger selection of attachments. Complete with joystick controls for front-end loaders and remote valves for rear implements, operators can comfortably and conveniently manage several tasks at once. Maneuverability and power come together in these machines, equipping them to take on a range of medium to heavy-duty applications, from tilling a field to moving materials for construction. Larger tractors in the compact category, like the T575, even come equipped with a turbocharger to boost engine performance for all your most challenging projects.

The TYM T455 and T495 models come equipped with two remote valves that make the tractor more versatile for a range of attachments. The T555 and T575 compact tractors are propelled by a turbo-powered engine that gives you the extra boost for your toughest tasks. Clocking in at 55.9 HP, the T555 boasts the strongest engine power among our Series 4 tractors. The T575 also has one of the highest engine outputs, as well as the highest lift capacity ideal for clearing land or carrying out landscaping projects. To explore and build your own Series 4 tractor and request a quote, configure each model in 3D on our website: T455 | T495 | T555 | T575

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TYM tractors are built to take on tasks both big and small

TYM Series 3 and Series 4 tractors bring the best of both worlds: their smaller frames give them the maneuverability of sub-compact tractors while their higher horsepower allow them to handle more heavy-duty tasks fit for utility tractors. The performance and size of these tractors make them compatible with a wider range of attachments for all your farming and handling needs. Whether you are starting a homestead or scaling an industrial business, TYM compact tractors have got you covered. To explore more TYM tractors and how they can be used across a range of applications on and off the field, visit our interactive TYM World.

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