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Technology Transplanter May 03, 2023

Beyond the tractor: Meet the TYM rice transplanters

Late spring is a busy season for rice farmers worldwide, and South Korea is no exception. With an average annual consumption of 56.7 kilograms of rice per person, rice is a crucial staple in South Korea and many other Asian countries. Historically, rice planting has been a manual, labor-intensive task, but mechanical planting has greatly enhanced the process. Mechanical rice transplanters have played a significant role in modern history by enabling farmers to plant more seedlings at the optimal depth, resulting in greater yields that sustained the explosive world population growth over the past few decades. May marks the beginning of the busy rice-growing season for farmers in South Korea, who are clearing fields, preparing rice seedlings, and oiling machinery to continue this important tradition.

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Farmers around the world use two different types of rice transplanters: the walk-behind type and the riding type. TYM offers five riding-type rice transplanters designed for large-scale farming in South Korea. If you only know TYM for our tractors, it’s time to meet our other machinery. Discover how these machines can simplify seeding and help you reach the harvest stage. (Note: TYM rice transplanters are currently only available in South Korea.)

6-row transplanters featuring advanced technology

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With a powerful 14.6 ps engine, the RGO-660GL is capable of high-density transplanting, reducing seedling and labor costs while delivering superior results. Both RGO rice transplanters offer a host of valuable features to enhance the efficiency of your rice planting efforts. The gear-type transmission reduces belt slip and maintenance costs, while the independent front suspension ensures a comfortable ride during more intensive work. The rice transplanter comes with a bright electronic dashboard that displays crucial vehicle information and status, allowing for reliable and cost-effective operation every time. Despite this, you don't have to constantly monitor all the functions. The transplanter features automatic raising and lowering during turns and reversing, streamlining the process and improving work efficiency.

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The 16.2 ps RGO-660DL rice transplanter features a water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine that delivers higher planting speeds with its high torque. With this fuel-efficient transplanter, you can reduce seedling and labor costs while enjoying the added benefit of operator-friendly features. Making lots of tricky turns in a limited space? No problem. The RGO series transplanters are equipped with an inside wheel brake that doesn’t engage during turns, which helps prevent mud build-up while ensuring smooth maneuvers. Both transplanters are designed for productivity with their large 35-liter fuel tank, promoting engine efficiency while allowing for uninterrupted operation. They also come with optional add-ons such as a side-dress fertilizer applicator with a high-capacity hopper and a transparent air tank for easy fertilizer monitoring and application.

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The PR63GL rice transplanter is a valuable investment for farmers who value productivity and efficiency. With its reliable 18.62 ps gasoline engine and automatic harrow, preparing the soil has never been easier. The electric slide on the spare seedling rack ensures fast and uninterrupted transplantation of seedlings, while the HST lever boosts engine RPM for increased productivity. The transplanter is designed with the operator’s convenience in mind. With the touch of a button, farmers can control fertilizer application volume during transplanting, ensuring precision and efficiency. The PR63GL and other transplanters in its category boast advanced technology, an enhanced design, and a spacious operator station, making transplanting a breeze.

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Looking for a boost in power? The PR63DL rice transplanter takes the capabilities of the PR63GL to the next level. This advanced machine combines a powerful 23.7 ps 3-cylinder diesel engine with smart technology for a highly efficient and productive rice planting experience. One of the standout features of this transplanter is the GPS-enabled smart assist. If the transplanter deviates from the specified path, a direction indicator on the dashboard prompts operators to correct its course. This feature even comes into play for U-turns and reversing, setting the transplanter at a medium speed during turning maneuvers. With the ability to plant six rows of seedlings at the touch of a button or use step control for individual row planting, the PR63DL offers versatility for various planting needs. If you're unsure which rice transplanter best suits your needs, scroll to the bottom of the product page to see the side-by-side comparison of PR-models at one glance.

8-row transplanter for ultimate productivity

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Need to cover a larger area in less time? The PRJ83DL comes with GPS and smart assistance features similar to the PR63DL, but with more rows that allow farmers to plant eight rows of seedlings at once. With a 23.7 ps engine power, this rice transplanter sets the standard for speed and accuracy when it comes to planting a large rice paddy. Farmers will appreciate the convenient features of the PRJ83DL, such as the rail-based retraction of seedling racks, the widened cabin floor, and the wide side step. Additionally, the slatted floor enables operators to inspect the alignment and position of the transplanter, ensuring efficient operation. With these features, this rice transplanter provides farmers the productivity and convenience they need to make challenging jobs easier and more efficient.

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Introducing the TYM RGO-690, the latest advancement in rice transplanter technology. This advanced transplanter has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first rice transplanter in the industry to pass South Korea's national certification inspection for autonomous driving systems. This groundbreaking machine fulfills TYM's vision of advancing precision agriculture through digital data. TYM's commitment to innovation is evident in both the software and hardware development of our products. We independently created core technologies such as the Inertial Navigation System (INS), path generation, and path following for the autonomous driving system. Additionally, we designed and built the autonomous driving controller and console while incorporating Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS in the RGO-690. 

Making innovations, one staple at a time

TYM has led the way in rice transplanter innovation since we started manufacturing them in the 1970s. Today, our reliable rice transplanters and robust tractors continue to offer farmers worldwide the latest in agricultural technology. Whether you're planting or harvesting, TYM is committed to being your partner every step of the way.


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