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Technology Tractor June 01, 2023

T115 utility tractor: Pushing limits and setting new standards

Explore the impressive capabilities of the new T115, one of the utility tractors known for its largest size and impressive strength. Designed to handle the toughest jobs with optimal productivity, this Series 5 tractor is built to perform under the toughest conditions so you don’t have to work under pressure. Find out how T115 plays an indispensable role in various demanding tasks through its remarkable features and practical applications.

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For a comprehensive understanding of the T115's power and precision, visit our website, including the interactive TYM World Online. This platform offers a look at different real-world applications of TYM tractors, going beyond mere specifications.


Push the limits of capacity

Unlock your full potential with the T115. With an impressive engine power of 113 ps (111.454 hp) and a hitch lift capacity of 3844 kg (8474.5 lb), this utility tractor helps you manage even the most daunting challenges. From the efficient engine and robust hydraulics to the deluxe operator cabin, every aspect of the T115 is meticulously designed and expertly engineered. This tractor accommodates attachments of varying sizes and weights, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With formidable lift capabilities and an external lever to adjust the rear hitch, the T115 is an excellent match for applications that require connecting and swapping multiple implements.

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Push the limits of commercial farming

Experience the T115's ability to streamline labor-intensive work on commercial properties and farms. Whether it's tilling or weeding, this tractor proves to be an ideal choice for demanding and multifaceted farming operations. The dual remotes for the top link means you can use all six external rear remotes to mount a variety of attachments. Effortlessly attach and detach attachments with the external top link buttons, and control horizontal and vertical linkages with switches mounted on the rear. The T115 tractor has the functionality you need for every season or cycle, from soil preparation to harvest. For commercial operations that thrive on efficiency and short crop cycles, the T115 can help you maximize crop output without adding to your workload.

Push the limits of construction and developments

The T115 size and power makes it stand out on construction sites and other large-scale development projects. From foundation building to final assembly, this tractor provides the additional boost to complete each stage of construction. With impressive lift capabilities and a range of gears for enhanced engine efficiency, the T115 enables seamless gear shifting without clutching. The power shuttle transmission is especially suited for tasks requiring regular forward-reverse shifting, such as moving building materials with a front-end loader. Whether it serves as the primary piece of machinery or works in conjunction with other construction equipment, the T115 excels in heavy-duty work, enabling you to meet project goals and deadlines.

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Push the limits of time

If you’re looking for uncompromising performance, day or night, this is the tractor for you. The T115 can handle even the most time-sensitive and urgent tasks, ensuring reliable performance day and night. Equipped with brilliant side and rear LED work lights, this tractor guarantees safe and unobstructed work, regardless of the time or conditions. The interior-mounted LCD monitor and rear cameras provide a clear view of rear attachments, further enhancing convenience and efficiency.

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Push the limits of technology

Joining our fleet of autonomous tractors, the T115 incorporates telematics to maximize efficiency. While you can control the tractor from the cabin, you can also remotely monitor it in real time through a smartphone app. From starting and stopping the machine to checking its location or creating geofencing zones, the T115 leverages technology to simplify your work and lighten your load.

Find out more about the T115 utility tractor

Currently available in South Korea, the T115 tractor is set to redefine everything we’ve come to expect from utility tractors. To learn more about the T115 or other TYM utility tractors, reach out to a TYM dealer or distributor near you. For a closer look at TYM tractors, build your own model in 3D and customize it.


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