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Story Tractor November 15, 2021

Returning young farmer: Paying it forward to the community

TYM’s commitment towards Korea's economic and social advancement has created a platform for Korean farmers to bring to life the company’s inherent belief of “advancing together”. A recipient of the company’s tractor donation program has been inspired to return the act of goodwill by donating the product of his first harvest to a social enterprise.

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The TYM Tractor Donation Project for Returning Young Farmers helps young farmers increase the output of their farms to revitalize the rural economy and support agricultural development. In this project, the agricultural manufacturing company gave 12 young farmers a tractor each to help them  carry out their day-to-day activities.

Inspired by this initiative, Kwak Dong-joo, one of the beneficiaries, donated his first flour harvest in a pay-it-forward act towards his community. The young farmer chose to help a cafe/bakery that employs people with disabilities.

In line with their 70th anniversary this year, TYM  developed a committee to help them meet their ESG objectives. With a vision of “Innovative Legacy for Next Generation”, the company’s  ESG platform  creates an ecosystem of like-minded partners united towards a common goal around the world.

TYM recognized the need to promote farming to address Korea’s increasingly aging agricultural industry and support young farmers to return to their local communities. Being familiar with the rural communities from the grassroots gave the company great insight into how they can enable people to achieve this dream.


Through their ESG agenda, TYM has created the perfect environment that gives everyone an opportunity to collectively work together for a better tomorrow, leaving a legacy of doing good.