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Technology Combine harvester September 11, 2023

Bridging tradition with modern farming efficiency

The world of farming has witnessed countless innovations, from the early domestication of crops to the latest technological gadgets. One innovation that has stood the test of time and remains crucial in modern farming is the combine harvester. As many cultures around the world celebrate their fall harvest, TYM’s state-of-the-art combine harvesters are the bridge between the importance of harvest in many societies and the evolving technology that drives the agricultural industry.

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Harvesters: A necessity for today’s farmers

A combine harvester is a streamlined farming machine that threshes, winnows, separates, and straws rice, barley, and other crops while moving through the field. As combines were developed, the technology in them has been a boon for farmers due to its speed, efficiency, and labor-saving capabilities. It significantly reduces the time and manpower required for harvesting. For farmers, this means higher productivity, reduced labor costs, and a quicker return on investment, while contributing to food security.


The TYM combine harvester lineup

TYM introduced our first combine harvester in 1990, and since then, our combines have continued to evolve and advance to the needs of modern farming. TYM combine harvesters are among the most popular machines for harvesting crops in commercial farming operations, particularly for rice harvesting in Korea. At present, TYM offers a selection of seven combine harvesters spanning two lines: the TYM-made CX series and the HJ series imported from ISEKI. Our lineup of combine harvesters boasts high-efficiency engines, precision, and excellent harvesting performance even at elevated speeds, along with optimized features tailored for wetland operations.

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TYM CX Series combine harvesters

The CX4075 is a compact, non-cabin 4-reaping-row harvester with a fast speed and an efficient engine that's ideal for smaller operations. Plus, user-friendly controls and one-touch opening simplify routine inspection and maintenance.

The compact CX5130 and CX6130 feature smart controls to make harvesting easy and complete on any terrain. Equipped with a powerful Yanmar engine and hydraulic automatic control mission, it can work even in wetlands. For the first time in Korea, it is possible to check the 360-degree situation around the combine in real time with video from cameras mounted on the front, back, left, and right of the combine, making it easier to move and work. In addition, each part of the machine can be opened with one touch for better maintenance.

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HJ Series combine harvesters

Featuring an advanced grain detection system, the HJ Series boasts fast harvest rates and high yields. With versatile functionality in a durable design, these combine harvesters offer the productivity you need to speed up your harvesting process. At the top of the HJ Series are the HJ6135 and HJ7135, which share the excellent qualities of a high-performing combine harvester but in different sizes. They both boast a formidable and efficient 136PS (134HP) Deutz engine that ensures consistent power delivery, even under challenging harvesting conditions. Adding to its high-efficiency engine is the equally high-capacity grain tank. Like all TYM combine harvesters, the HJ Series comes with an expansive grain storage for continuous harvesting with fewer interruptions. Versatile in nature, the HJ Series adapts easily to various terrain, and their advanced wheel and suspension system guarantees smooth operation even on uneven terrains, making it perfect for any job.


TYM combine harvesters are evolving with the needs of modern farmers

Whether it’s tackling vast fields or modest plots, a TYM combine harvester is engineered to perform across various farming operations. TYM combine harvesters can help you maximize farmland productivity by minimizing grain loss and securing higher yields.

With the growth of the global population and the impacts of climate change on agricultural production, ensuring food security becomes an increasingly significant concern. TYM’s combine harvesters offer the cutting-edge technology and efficiency that modern farmers need, guaranteeing optimal production and reduced waste. From the TYM CX4075 combine to the ISEKI HJ7135, there is a combine for every need that arises in different situations. To find out more about TYM combine harvesters locally available in your country, visit our website or contact a TYM dealer near you.

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