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Press Others November 15, 2023

North America hosts distinguished Dealer event

  • 23 Dealers from 11 top North American Dealerships toured Iksan and Okcheon factories to test drive new products
  • Continuing to build a close partnership with the Dealer Group for steady growth ahead
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The TYM brand accelerates collaborative efforts with Dealers, sharing its global growth strategy and future vision.

TYM announced on the 6th that it conducted a 6-day program for invited outstanding North American Dealers from October 29 to November 3.

The event was organized by TYM to enhance mutual understanding through direct communication between employees and Dealer Groups and to build a sustainable foundation for business growth in North America. This was the second program following the National Dealer Meeting (NDM) held in January this year, and 23 Dealers from 11 excellent North American companies participated.

During the event, the Dealer Group visited the Iksan factory, Okcheon factory, ROOT Nonsan factory, and various facilities, experiencing new Utility tractor models such as T115 and T130, and Compact Utility tractors like T68 and T78. TYM plans to elevate understanding of its products through direct test-driving by the Dealer Group and incorporate feedback gathered on-site into future product and service upgrades.

TYM also introduced telematics and autonomous driving features developed by its subsidiary TYM-ICT, as well as a new Dealer management portal, and announced plans for its launch. Through this North American Dealer invitation event, TYM aims to enhance interaction among headquarters, North American corporate employees, and TYM Dealers, fostering a sense of belonging and trust. Additionally, it hopes that experiencing Korea, a country that has developed into a global powerhouse, will serve as an opportunity for mutual cultural understanding. The goal is to actively engage in the North American market through the strong partnership built through exchanges with the Dealer Group.

A TYM representative stated, “This program is designed to directly listen to the voices of Dealer Groups active worldwide and serve as the driving force for evolving into a global company.” He added, “We will continue to focus on building a dense partnership based on mutual prosperity with the Dealer Group, laying the groundwork for steady growth in the future.”

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