Breaking new ground together

We are proud to announce Branson (Kukje Machinery) has officially become a part of the TYM family to create a powerhouse in the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry.


"With the integration of Branson (Kukje Machinery), we are excited to bring together into a singular brand more than 100 years of experience in agricultural manufacturing, creating a brighter future for us all."

Hiyong Kim, Chairman, TYM
Dohoon Kim, CEO, TYM

What does this mean to you?

We will retain and harness the Branson ethos of innovation, dealer satisfaction and outstanding customer support, but you can look forward to more services, more availability of parts and more products thanks to our network expansion.

What happens now?

Branson name will be consolidated to TYM as of January 1, 2023. But Branson product lineup will remain the same. 

The customer support will remain the same consistent one you are used to and you will still get your back orders, if there are any further changes they will be communicated to you accordingly.

The pricing structure remains the same as per the model you are looking for.

For now, Branson parts will work for Branson and TYM parts will work for TYM. However, in the future, there might be even more integration between both product lines.

It will remain the same you know and trust. This acquisition means you will have better customer support and parts services and an even bigger product line to choose a tractor from.

For now you can continue going to your usual Branson dealer or distributor, but you can expect better product and parts distribution in the near future, as you will be able to buy and request services at TYM dealerships as well.

Your current service and warranty will remain the same and can also be logged and updated the same way, if there are any changes you will be informed accordingly.

Network expansion, better customer services, better supply of parts and more product options.

Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact our representatives if you have any queries.

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