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CSR News February 24, 2021

The people of Iksan receive 30 million KRW from TYM

Like so many communities around the world, the city of Iksan had several families and households in financial crisis in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. TYM contributed to help alleviate the difficulties for the people of Iksan by donating 30 million KRW.

In late January, the Jeonbuk Social Welfare Community Chest received the donation from TYM. The funds have been donated specifically to provide for low-income families and those in need of assistance due to the coronavirus crisis.

Hiyong Kim, CEO of TYM, commented on the new TYM identity and its connection to Iksan. “After several decades, the company has now registered to change its name from Tong Yang Moolsan to TYM Co. Ltd. Throughout this time, we have had a close connection with Iksan. We have our equipment manufacturing factory here," Hiyong Kim said. He highlighted that it is this connection that compels the company to contribute towards the welfare of Iksan.

Hun Yul Jung, Mayor of Iksan, expressed his gratitude for the donation from TYM. “Thank you for sending donations such to support the livelihood of households in crisis, which are usually in the blind spot for welfare measures. I will not forget it,” Hun Yul Jung said. 

As a company driven by providing products and solutions that turn challenges into opportunities, TYM continues to undertake CSR activities that empower communities to flourish.

This article was written with inputs from a news report first published by New Jeonbuk Newspaper on February 5, 2021.

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