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Comparison Tractor June 19, 2024

TYM T574C vs. Kubota MX5400: How TYM’s compact tractor stands out in its class

Looking for a compact tractor that can handle challenging tasks with ease? You've come to the right place. Today, we’re comparing two formidable tractors in the compact class: the TYM T574C and the Kubota MX5400. While both models have strong reputations, the TYM Series 3 T574C tractor sets itself apart with impressive efficiency, economical operation, and exceptional comfort. Explore why TYM’s popular compact tractor should be at the top of your list.

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Excellent engine power and lift performance

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tractor is engine power. The TYM T574C boasts a robust 54 hp engine designed to deliver consistent power for all types of projects. The Kubota MX5400 offers a similar 55.5 hp engine, but the TYM T574C stands out with its fine-tuned performance, providing excellent fuel efficiency and reliability. Whether you're plowing fields or hauling heavy loads at a construction site, the T574C ensures you have the power you need without wasting fuel.

The TYM T574C also excels in lifting capacity. Its front-end loader can handle up to 3,057 lbs at 24 inches behind link ends, significantly higher than the Kubota MX5400’s 2,310 lbs. For those who need to move substantial loads regularly, these numbers matter. This enhanced capacity for load handling means the T574C can manage heavier material, making your workload more efficient and your day more productive.

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Efficiency and versatility through attachments

A standout feature of the TYM T574C is its economical operation. Despite its powerful engine, the T574C is designed to be fuel-efficient, reducing your overall operating costs. Its high-capacity 17-gallon fuel tank exceeds that of other tractors in its class, allowing you to get more done without refueling.

Both the TYM T574C and Kubota MX5400 offer a variety of attachments to enhance functionality. The T574C, in particular, has a high hydraulic capacity capable of handling a wide range of attachments effectively. It also features telescopic linkages that allow for easy connecting to attachments without input from the operator cabin. Whether you’re digging irrigation ditches with the BY85 backhoe or moving material with the TX57 front-end loader, the T574C adapts seamlessly to different tasks, helping you complete projects with precision and ease.

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Built for durability and comfort

While performance and specifications are some of the most critical factors in buying a new tractor, the operator's experience is equally important. When it comes to comfort, the T574C has it all. The tractor features a spacious cabin with an ergonomic design, making long hours in the driver’s seat more pleasant and less tiring. It’s fully equipped with modern amenities, including a large cup holder, wireless smartphone charging dock, USB ports, and a Bluetooth speaker, ensuring maximum comfort and productivity.

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Head-to-head with the TYM T574C

Through a side-by-side comparison, the TYM T574C stands out as the superior choice over the Kubota MX5400. Its combination of powerful performance and lift capacity, versatile operation through attachments, and enhanced comfort makes it an ideal tractor for those seeking a reliable and robust partner for the job. To experience this popular compact tractor yourself, visit a TYM dealer near you. Not able to view tractors in-person at the moment? Then try exploring the T574C and the rest of our extensive lineup online in the immersive TYM 3D World.