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Comparison Tractor September 24, 2021

T454, a compact tractor that runs longer and faster than the competition

The TYM T454 compact tractor combines high engine efficiency with easy maneuverability. Packing a powerful engine in its compact design, the TYM T454 allows you to cover more land, lift better, and do more tasks than competitors within the same size range.

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1. Runs longer than the competition
Cover more land without wasting too much fuel. The TYM T454 has a bigger fuel tank capacity than competitors within the same engine power range. Running at high torque with fewer revs, its Japanese-made Yanmar engine guarantees a highly efficient fuel consumption.
2. Higher maximum lifting capacity
Compared to competitors within the same range of PTO, the TYM T454 has a better lifting capacity at 2,945lb. Fitted with a durable and shock-absorbing 4WD front axle, TYM T454 has no problem lifting heavy loads and large implements while maintaining stability.
3. Faster speed to cover more land area in less time
The TYM T454 has a 4-range transmission that allows for faster driving from point A to point B than its competitors. With its compact and sleek design, swiftly cover a large piece of your land without damaging narrow garden beds.
4. Intuitive console for smarter working
Forget about analog dashboards that take forever to read. The TYM T454 is fitted with a digital display that allows you a highly accurate snapshot of how your equipment is doing instantly and at a glance.
5. Premium interior cab detailing for maximum comfort
Work comfortably in a cab designed around your needs. The interior cab features an ergonomic seat and controls within easy access to make sure you can focus on completing your tasks. With a wide cab space and flat rubber flooring, drive around in comfort and get in and out with complete ease.

Head-to-head with the T454

Here, the TYM T454 is compared with the LS R50 as similar compact tractors. While several specifications are comparable, the T454 offers a significant advantage in terms of lift capacity.

TYM T454 LSR50

Engine Model

Yanmar Yanmar 4TNV88-CR


Gross Engine Power

46 hp | 34.3 kW

47 hp | 35 kW

No. of Cylinders




133.6 cu. in.

152.9 cu. in.

Fuel Tank Capacity

17 gal | 60L

10 gal | 40L

Transmission Type

Synchro-Shuttle / HST

Synchro-Shuttle / HST

No. of Travel Speeds - Forward/Reverse

16Fx16R, 4 Range

16Fx16R, 3 Range

PTO Power

37.3 hp | 27.4 kW

39.4 hp | 37.1 kW

Standard Category

Category 1

Category 1

Maximum Lifting Capacity (24” after the hitch)

2945 lb | 1336 kg

2756 lb | 1250 kg

With clear advantages in terms or capability and operator comfort, the T454 should be on the top of your consideration list for a sub-compact tractor. Discover more details and specifications on the T454 product page, get in touch with a nearby dealership, or request a quote today.

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