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Press Corporate December 07, 2021

TYM will participate in the 2021 International Agricultural Exhibition (IAE)

TYM announced that it will participate in the ‘2021 International Agricultural Expo (IAE)’ to be held in Naju, Jeollanam-do for 11 days from the 21st to the 31st.

TYM will introduce its major new products in 2021, the T130 tractor, as well as the TX76 tractor and HJ7135 combine. In addition, it plans to imprint differentiated technology through demonstration of autonomous driving agricultural machinery.

The T130 tractor is TYM's flagship model, and it has a high-output Deuts engine of 129 horsepower and a Bosch hydraulic control system, so it can perform high-intensity work stably, so it is a model favored by large farms and livestock farmers. It provides a variety of user-centered conveniences, such as a remote start smart key, wireless smartphone charging, and a hot/cold cup holder.

The T130 is characterized by being able to select an autonomous driving option. If the autonomous driving option is selected, the advantage is that even a beginner can drive with high precision regardless of whether a work machine is installed, maximizing efficiency and convenience.

Another tractor on display is the TX76. The large tractor TX76 is a long-seller product equipped with driver-centric design, such as powerful and stable performance, heating and cooling functions, and suspension seats for an efficient working environment. At this fair, both T130 and TX76 will be displayed equipped with telematics functions that provide vehicle status and breakdown information, remote control, work log, and consumable management.

Equipped with a powerful 136 horsepower Deuts engine and the largest thresher in its class, the HJ7135 is a wet-wet work optimization combine that enables efficient work at a high speed of 1.75 m/s. In particular, it is equipped with an auger swing zoom discharge function that can be operated with a remote control, so the length and angle of the auger can be freely adjusted, and uniform discharge of grains is possible.

Meanwhile, at the 2021 International Agricultural Expo, ‘Agriculture Changes the World! Under the slogan of ‘Smart Agriculture Dreaming of the Future’, seminars at domestic and international agricultural industry conferences, Namdo food contest, farmers’ concerts, and agricultural harvest experience will be held. TYM plans to present a small gift to customers who consult on purchase at the fair site.

TYM CEO Kim Do-hoon said, “We will actively introduce telematics and autonomous driving functions to other models in the future to build a user-centered environment,” and emphasized the management philosophy of TYM once again from the customer’s point of view.