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Press Corporate February 23, 2022

TYM signed an MOU with Iksan City and Jeonbuk TechnoPark to transfer machine technology for field work.

TYM announced on the 23rd that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Iksan City, Jeonbuk Techno Park, and Hada to foster the agricultural machinery industry in Iksan City, win-win cooperation between mid-sized and small-sized companies, and build Value-Chain.

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The signing ceremony was attended by Jang Han-ki, head of TYM's Central Technology Research Institute, Iksan Mayor Jeong Heon-yul, head of Jeonbuk Techno Park Yang Gyun-ui, and Ha Jong-woo, CEO of Hada Co., Ltd.

The business agreement was promoted with the aim of establishing win-win cooperation between mid-sized and small-sized companies, contributing to revitalizing the economy and creating jobs in Iksan, and laying the groundwork for advanced field crop agricultural machinery and joint growth. Through this agreement, TYM will transfer technology to small and medium-sized enterprises in the region based on its production plant in Iksan and create conditions for win-win cooperation between mid-sized and small-sized enterprises.

TYM explained that developing field crop technology costs a lot compared to sales of small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea, and in particular, formal technology has already been advanced, making it very difficult for SMEs to secure technology only with their own infrastructure. TYM plans to promote joint growth by transferring technologies for the overall agricultural machinery of field crops developed by itself, such as formal, sowing, and harvesting, to small and medium and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to continuous technology development, training excellent human resources in the region, and job creation.

At the VIP meeting held along with the signing ceremony, TYM asked for continued interest and active cooperation in fostering excellent talents and hiring manpower in the region as a participating company related to the regional specialization industry professional training project. It also called for opinions on educational requirements and manpower specifications required by companies through consortium formation and recruitment agreements. Through this, TYM claims that it is necessary to cooperate so that corporate-tailored talents can be trained and the recruitment can be smoothly connected.

A TYM official said, "Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it is very difficult to find workers in the agricultural sector, and the manpower needed for field crops that require a lot of human processes is absolutely insufficient."

Meanwhile, in December last year, TYM participated in the Iksan Village Autonomy Pension Project to supplement the retirement income of the elderly in rural areas to promote community development. In addition, it is taking the lead in various social contribution activities, such as promoting a tractor donation project for young farmers returning to farming to help them manage and settle down agriculture, and steadily supporting suppliers from the past.

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