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Press Corporate September 15, 2021

TYM Chairman Kim Hee-yong designs the future of Korean agriculture! Special lecture at Chungnam National University.

The special lecture, aimed at discussing pending issues in the domestic and foreign agricultural sectors viewed by the first generation of Korean agricultural machinery, was held at 2 p.m. on the 14th, with six professors, 21 graduate students and 124 college students attending online.

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Chairman Kim Hee-yong has been leading TYM for 35 years since he took office as CEO of Dongyang C&T Corporation in 1987. Chairman Kim, who majored in industrial design at Indiana University in the U.S., introduced a bold streamlined design by sketching the product himself and breaking away from the tractor design that had been standardized in the form of a box. In addition, through steady research and development, the company has raised quality and significantly expanded sales to not only domestic but also global markets. The recently released T130 tractor is still leading the agricultural machinery industry on the front line, directly involved in design projects.

Through this special lecture, TYM Chairman Kim Hee-yong explained the importance of agricultural machinery by looking back on the development process of Korean agriculture from the 1970s to the present. Recalling the time when the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute was established for the first time in the domestic industry, he stressed that the introduction of agricultural machinery improved per capita work productivity and made agricultural work lighter. Chairman Kim said, "I think it is the mission of agricultural machinery manufacturers to provide practical help to farmers," adding, "I feel deeply rewarded for agricultural machinery to ease farmers' losses at a time when the number of farmers in Korea is rapidly decreasing and rural aging."

Chairman Kim said, "We need to introduce representative 4th industrial revolution technologies such as autonomous driving and smart farms in agriculture, but commercialization will take a long time and effort," and added, "To move forward with agriculture in the future, we need active government support."

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It also stressed that sustainable agriculture should be pursued as one of the roles of agricultural machinery manufacturers, and Chairman Kim explained that TYM declared ESG management for the first time in the industry in February this year and is actively engaged in environmental, social and governance sectors, respectively. We expect a virtuous cycle in which TYM's various ESG management activities deliver and reproduce beneficial values to society, he said.

At the end of the lecture, Chairman Kim Hee-yong emphasized to students, "To become a global leader leading the future, we need to look broadly and closely," adding, "It is important to set dreams and visions through extensive reading such as newspapers and books." "TYM will also do its best to achieve consumer satisfaction, the top priority pursued by the company," he vowed.

Meanwhile, TYM also signed an MOU with Chungnam National University to promote mutual exchanges. TYM Chairman Kim Hee-yong and President Kim Do-hoon, Chungnam National University President Lee Jin-sook, Chungnam National University Vice President Lee Joon-woo, Research Director Jung Jong-yul, and Industrial Cooperation Foundation Vice President Kim Yong-joo attended the signing ceremony.

The purpose of this agreement is to promote the development of the agricultural and agricultural machinery industries and foster future farmers by revitalizing industry-academic cooperation between TYM and Chungnam National University and hiring excellent talent. The two organizations will not only experience agriculture through text, but will also cooperate with each other to foster promising farmers who will lead future agriculture by providing opportunities to experience TYM's 70-year know-how and learn agriculture directly from the front.

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