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Exhibition Tractor October 21, 2021

International Agriculture Exhibition 2021

In October, when the cool autumn pear ripens, an international agricultural fair will be held in Naju, Jeollanam-do, famous for its pears. Visit the TYM booth at the 2021 International Agricultural Exhibition 2021: Agriculture changes the world! Under the slogan 'Smart Agriculture Dreaming of the Future', the 10-day International Agricultural Fair is an agricultural and cultural festival that combines business and cultural exchanges.

260 companies and organizations from 20 countries will participate in three areas: the Future Agricultural Zone, the Healing Experience Zone, and the Agricultural Food Promotion and Conservation. Seminars on food material technology, convergence agriculture, and livestock will be held at domestic and foreign agricultural conferences, and additional events such as Namdo Food Contest, farmers' concerts, and agricultural harvest experiences will be prepared.

*This content was written as of August 5, 2021, and unexpected situations may cause changes during the actual fair. Please visit the official website to check the latest information.

Two Image
Two Image


Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research & Extension Services (JNARES),
1508, Senam-ro, Sanpo-myeon, Naju-si
Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea

Dates and timings

October 21st (Thursday) - October 31st (Sunday), 2021
(International Business Day: October 21st - October 24th, 2021)

Organizer contact information:

Operation team: 061-339-9220, 061-339-9221

Plan your visit:

Admission fee and pre-booking >
Access to the Exhibition Hall >

Image courtesy of IAE official website

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