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Getting to know TYM’s product architecture

TYM has been building well-designed and high-quality tractors for more than 70 years now for both domestic and international use. With an extensive portfolio, TYM has segmented its products into four categories and seven series to help customers easily identify the tractor specific to their needs.

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Categories of TYM tractors

TYM tractors are categorized by their power output. These tractors are grouped from the smallest engine horsepower range to the biggest, with increasing productivity and capabilities as one goes higher in each category. This categorization is specific to TYM and may differ slightly from how other brands classify their tractors.

Category Engine output
Sub-compact 19 - 25 hp
Compact 26 - 60 hp
Compact Utility 40 - 69 hp
Utility 70 - 130 hp

Series of TYM tractors

Under each category, tractors are further organized into series. As the series goes from one series to another, the scale of durability, payload capabilities, and operator comfort also goes up. In addition, specialized functions like maneuverability and transmission increase as one goes up the series.

Tractors within one series share the same power and capabilities. Aside from engine power, tractors within the same series also share the same functionality and significant features. 

Despite being marketed across different sales territories, tractors within the same series can share the same chassis model and major features. Customers can use tractor models sold in the US to get an idea of the power and capabilities of a tractor from within the same series marketed in South Korea. One tractor model can be a representative of other models in the series.

Category Series Tractors
Sub-compact Series 1 "Mini" tractors, ideal for mowing
Series 2 Larger than Series 1, with more powerful engine horsepower and lift capacity
Compact Series 3 Powerful tractors for their size, primarily optimized for hobby farming
Series 4 Mid-range in terms of engine horsepower, lift capacity, and price. Offers more versatility and applications than the first three series
Compact utility Series 5 Large tractor at an economy price point, not as powerful as Series 6 and 7
Utility Series 6 Powerful tractors for small-scale agricultural applications
Series 7 Most powerful lines of tractors at a premium price point


For example, the TE58 and the T494 are both compact utility tractors under Series 4. This means they share the same model base but may only differ in some features. Another difference between these two models is that the TE58 is only marketed domestically, while the T494 is only available internationally. 

Domestic customers looking into the TE58 might not be able to find any review of the model. But they could find reviews of the T494, which shares the same power and capabilities as the TE58.

Category Series Description
Sub-compact Series 1 T194, T224
Series 2 TC25, T254, T255
T264, T265
Compact Series 3 TC36, T355, T394, T395
T474, T475, TE48
TG43, TG55, TG60
TG43, TG55, TG60
Series 4 TE58, T494, T495, T574, T575
T454, T455, T554, T555
TM50, TM55, TM60
Compact utility Series 5 TX59, TX63, TX69, T654
Utility Series 6 TX76, T754, T723
TS89, TS100, TS110, T1004, T1104, T110
Series 7 T1204, T1304, TS130, T130

When choosing a particular tractor model, you can use another model within the same series as a reference. For more guidance in selecting your tractor, your local TYM local dealers have an extensive amount of information that can help you in choosing the proper tractor for your needs.

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