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Comparison Tractor October 14, 2022

Five reasons why the TYM T474 rises above other compact tractors in its class

Looking for a compact tractor that makes no compromises on power? Look no further than the TYM T474. The T474 is a compact tractor from the TYM Series 2 lineup that is engineered to be efficient and proven to be durable. It is the perfect tractor for greenhouses, orchards and other applications that require tightly-controlled operations.

Single Image

Don’t be fooled by the sleek and rugged exterior of the TYM T474. One look at the interior, and you can see that the tractor controls and features are designed to minimize effort and maximize comfort. Equipped with a powerfully efficient engine, impressive lift capabilities, and the option between the foldable ROPS or the T474C model with an all-season cab, the TYM T474 tractor has the capabilities to perform a vast range of jobs, all year round. Read below to see why the TYM T474 rises above the rest.

1. It has the strength of a utility tractor (without the bulk)
You no longer have to choose between the performance of a utility tractor and the maneuverability of a sub-compact tractor. The TYM T474 compact tractor gives you the best of both worlds with its Tier-4 certified 4-cylinder engine and an impressive 48.3 hp. From residential lawns to small farms, the T474’s compact body and powerful engine work in tandem to perform a variety of tasks around your property.
2. It does the heaviest lifting
The TYM T474 compact tractor has an outstanding lift capability at 2688.8 lbs, one of the highest among other tractors in the same range. You can use the operator joystick to control the 3-point linkage on the rear, which has an impressive lift capacity that reaches the end ball joints.
3. It fits in anywhere
With power packed into a compact body, the TYM T474 tractor has one of the best turning circles among compact tractors. With a minimum turning radius of 106.7 inches, the T474 enables you to perform important tasks in narrow or limiting spaces like greenhouses or between garden beds. At the same time, good clearance from the ground and overhead on the T474 tractor makes it easier to navigate across uneven terrain, whether it is inside a barn or through dense foliage. With the option of a foldable ROPS or an all-season cab, the TYM T474 is equipped to perform light-to-medium duty jobs, all year round.
4. It gives you more control and convenience
The TYM T474 is designed with the operator in mind. Even when the tractor is in motion, you can use the PTO lever to control the implement RPM, while the dial can raise and lower implements at the prescribed speed. Tired of going back and forth from your seat? In addition to the in-cabin controls, the external position lever near the 3-point hitch allows you to adjust an implement’s position as soon as it is connected. Not only does this give you more ways to manage your tasks, it also boosts productivity by making it quick and easy to switch between implements.
5. Head-to-head comparison with the T474
See how the TYM T474 compares with the Kubota L4701. Both models have distinct features, but the TYM T474’s overall performance stands out with a superior engine and PTO power.

Head-to-head with the T474

Compared to the Kubota L4701, the TYM T474 has similar specifications but offers more advantages in terms of features and capabilities.

TYM T474 Kubota L4701

Engine Model

Kukje A2300N2


Gross Engine Power

48.3 hp

47.3 hp

No. of cylinders




139.5 cu. in. | 2286 cc

148.5 cu. in.  | 2434 cc

PTO Power

35.9 hp | 26.4 kW

39.3 hp | 29.3 kW

Fuel tank

9.0 gal.

13.5 gal.

Min. turn radius w/ brakes

106.7 in.

106.8 in.

Min. turn radius w/o brakes

117.5 in.


Hitch Lifting Capacity

2688.8 lb. | 1219.6 kg

2870 lb. | 1300 kg

Maximum travel speed

14.9 mph | 24.0 km/hr.

14.9 mph | 24 km/hr

No. of speeds



With more power and more speeds, the TYM T474 edges past others as the compact tractor that can take on tougher tasks in smaller spaces. To find out more about TYM tractors, contact your local TYM dealership or visit TYM World to explore and customize your very own TYM T474 in 3D.

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