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Comparison Tractor July 12, 2021

T25, a sub-compact tractor stronger than the competition

Why choose a TYM sub-compact tractor over the competition? When it comes to the sub-compact category, TYM makes tractors with the ease-of-use and operator in mind.

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Whatever your skill level or job requirements, TYM sub-compact tractors are designed to promote productivity. At the same time, these tractors have specifications that compare, or outdo, the competition. Customers can expect a powerful engine, durable transmission and a smooth ride.

The T25 is TYM’s latest and most popular sub-compact tractors, and is often compared to the Kioti CS2520. While the technical specifications are comparable, the T25 offers clear advantages.

1. Better lift capabilities at better value
The T25 has a lift capability that is nearly twice as much as the competition, reaching till the end ball joint. This is in addition to the comparable rear rpm, which enables high impact work with accessories like tilling and plowing.
2. Powered by an engine from the renowned Yanmar brand
In addition to an impressive engine output, the T25 features a high-torque engine from the popular Yanmar brand. Since the engine is also water-cooled, it promotes stable temperatures and more efficient operation.
3. Custom accessories to perform in different site conditions
The ROPS on the T25 allows for modular lighting to help you adjust and position your lights and lamps according to the site conditions. Tackle low light conditions and enhance visibility with ease, whether on the top of the ROPS or along the sides. The ROPS is also equipped for bluetooth speakers.
4. Modern conveniences to keep you engaged
The T25 comes with IP66 waterproof Bluetooth speakers for music while you work, a wireless smartphone charger to keep you connected while you work and handy water bottle holders to help you stay hydrated. Designed with the operator in mind, these features bring you modern comforts while you're out on the field.
5. A tractor that looks as good as it feels
In addition to the remarkable TYM design of the tractor, the T25 has finer details to support routine operations. This includes a brighter meta panel to understand tractor performance at-a-glance and ergonomic features such as a comfortable grip fuel cap design and a plush operator seat.

Head-to-head with the T25

Here, the TYM T25 is compared with the Kioti CS2520 as similar sub-compact tractors. While several specifications are comparable, the T25 offers a significant advantage in terms of lift capacity.

TYM T25 Kioti CS2520

Engine Model

Yanmar 3TNV80F

Daedong 3C100LWH-U2

Gross Engine Power

24.7 hp | 18.4 kW

24.5 hp | 18.3 kW

No. of Cylinders




77.3 cu. in. | 1267 cc

61.5 cu in. | 1007 cc

Fuel Tank Capacity

6.6 U.S. gal. | 24.9 L

6.7 gal. | 25.5 L

Transmission Type



No. of Travel Speeds - Forward & Reverse

Infinite, 2 Range

Infinite, 2 Range

PTO Power

18.3 hp | 13.6 kW

18.5 hp | 13.9 kW

Standard Category

Category 1

Category 1

Maximum Lifting Capacity (24” after the hitch)

1102 lb | 499 kg

700 lbs. | 318 kg

With clear advantages in terms or capability and operator comfort, the T25 should be on the top of your consideration list for a sub-compact tractor. Discover more details and specifications on the T25 product page, get in touch with a nearby dealership, or request a quote today.

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