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Press ESG August 23, 2021

TYM to host Young Farmers' Dream Cheering, a non-face-to-face tractor donation ceremony

On August 23, TYM announced that it recently held a donation ceremony where they gave away free tractors to young farmers who are eager to return to farming.

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Two Image

The donation ceremony has been held virtually to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. The event was attended by TYM Chairman Kim Hee-yong, TYM President Kim Do-hoon, eight regional heads of each province, two participants eligible for donation last year, and 12 eligible young farmers for 2021.

The tractor donation project was the second time the event was held since last year and was done to support the company’s ESG management. This year, 12 tractors were distributed to young farmers in the early stages of settling down in rural areas. Through this initiative, TYM aims to help revitalize rural areas and contribute to developing the agriculture industry's future.

This year’s tractor donation project attracted a total of 1,500 applicants nationwide. Based on various criteria, such as age, gender, marital status, household composition, farmland ownership, farm type, and cultivated crops, TYM selected the final 12 young farmers who would be given tractors.

Among those who received tractors, Kim Min-ji said, “When I farmed for the first time, I experienced many difficulties because I had no tractor. So I cried my eyes out when I got the call that said I won. We will work harder on farming to offer many delicious and high-quality agricultural products to consumers and stand tall as Gwangyang’s representative youth farmers.”

Another eligible farmer, Kim Jong-yoon shared, “I have lived in Australia for about nine years and realized the value of agriculture and healthy food resources. When I returned to farming, there were many challenges, but I was able to learn a lot with the help of my neighbors. We will share the tractors that TYM donated with our neighbors to repay them for all their help.”

TYM celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. In February, they have rolled out an ESG management initiative, a first among the agricultural machinery industry. Since then, they have established an in-house ESG secretariat and committee and have launched various activities that touch the environment, society, and governance sectors. Guided by the ESG vision of “Innovative Legacy for Next Generation,” TYM published an ESG report for 2020 that contains their ESG management strategy, past significant achievements, and future vision.

At the donation ceremony, TYM CEO Kim Do-hoon said, “We started a tractor donation project to help young farmers in rural areas keep their passion for agriculture, the foundation of the world, alive.”

The donated tractor models were TYM T47 and T55, which are optimized for working in tight spaces such as orchards with low overhead height and narrow rotational radius. Both models are easy to operate and great for beginners as they are designed for the ease of use of tractor drivers, with features like electronic, hydraulic switch panels, and throttle dials.

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