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Press Corporate May 22, 2023

TYM's Iksan and Okcheon factories lead the way in environmental cleanup efforts within their communities… Demonstrating commitment to social responsibility.

  • 65 employees actively participate in waste collection campaigns at Iksan's Mireuksaji Ecological Trail and Okcheon's Ibakk-ri Abandoned Road
  • Ongoing commitment to organize diverse social contribution campaigns and strive to preserve biodiversity
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TYM is actively promoting social value by participating in environmental conservation activities.

As a specialized agricultural machinery company, TYM's employees from Iksan and Okcheon factories participated in community cleanup activities.

The campaign's primary objective is to encourage environmental protection and instill a sense of responsibility among employees as members of the local community. It is conducted once every quarter, which reflects TYM's dedication to prioritizing sustainable management and fulfilling social responsibilities.

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The event took place on the 9th and 12th of last month, respectively, at the Mireuksaji Ecological Trail in Iksan and the Ibek-ri Abandoned Road in Okcheon. The Mireuksaji Ecological Trail in Iksan is a prominent hiking trail where locals and visitors can experience nature, learn about culture and history, and find peace. On the other hand, the Ibek-ri Abandoned Road in Okcheon was a place where frequent complaints arose due to illegal waste dumping and improper disposal of discarded materials by passing vehicles. During this occasion, a total of 65 TYM employees and the Okcheon County Office came together to collect agricultural waste such as discarded vinyl, pesticide bottles, and fertilizer containers, as well as household waste, contributing to the restoration of the surrounding environment.

TYM's initiatives resonate with their commitment to social responsibility management, demonstrated by their industry-leading declaration of ESG management in February 2021 and the publication of ESG reports. TYM continues to expand its efforts by improving eco-conscious factory systems and developing environmentally friendly products.

A TYM representative stated, "Moving forward, we will continue to organize social contribution campaigns and engage in activities to preserve biodiversity. We are dedicated to being a company that has positive relationships with local communities and strive for sustainable growth by making our best efforts."

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