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Press Corporate April 05, 2022

TYM, DX division newly established... advancement of digital agricultural enterprises

The intention is to establish a new direction in the industry according to changes in mega trends such as the establishment of untact business and popularization of cloud services.

TYM, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, recently decided to digitally transform its existing machinery business as the smart agricultural paradigm was established. The goal is to newly construct a business model by integrating digital and physical elements for the high value-added agricultural environment. Accordingly, it plans to establish a DX division (Department Head Kim Dae-yong) to improve product intelligence, process optimization, service advancement, and actively build a digital organizational culture and infrastructure.

TYM plans to digitize and accumulate big data for the company's business process through the DX division. The purpose is to establish an advanced intelligent system by continuing data analysis, insight derivation, and improvement activities, and to seek a transition to a digital precision agricultural company.

There are three main tasks of the newly established DX division: strengthening digital manufacturing competitiveness, strengthening digital customer service contact points, and establishing cloud-based digital infrastructure.

First of all, in the case of strengthening digital manufacturing competitiveness, the goal is to achieve horizontal and vertical integration between facilities and sensor data based on differentiated value chains. Based on this, it is explained that it will advance fundamental Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery date) improvement activities, and establish a decision-making and organizational culture based on big data.

In addition, it plans to systematize customer-centered demand and supply management by strengthening digital customer service contact points. The purpose is to discover and implement various digital customer contacts to improve customer service satisfaction and drive service sales growth. In fact, TYM recently launched a telematics-based "MYTYM" service that enables remote control and real-time management of tractors with smartphones to expand its contact points with digital customers. It aims to improve user convenience and provide rapid two-way communication with a differentiated smart management system to capture customer satisfaction.

Finally, the DX division plans to establish a cloud-based digital infrastructure to support the digital work environment and select and operate business solutions and platforms. It is expected to improve work productivity and meet customer needs by providing an agile digital work environment.

Meanwhile, Kim Dae-yong, head of the DX division, is a veteran who has experience in establishing and implementing manufacturing DT strategies for Hyundai Heavy Industries Group's machine assembly affiliates. In particular, it is evaluated that it is the right person to establish a digital business environment for TYM and maximize the digital transformation effect with abundant experience in process innovation tasks such as establishing and executing ERP, SCM, MES, and PLM strategies.

A TYM official said, "Currently, TYM has entered the starting point of digital agriculture through TYMICT," adding, "We will prepare for the next 70 years of TYM by making full-fledged digital transformation starting with the establishment of the DX division."

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