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Press ESG September 23, 2021

TYM 2020 Free Support for Returning Youth Tractors in the "Fresh Cycle of Donation" TYM Donates First Cultivated Flour to Social Enterprises

TYM's social contribution activities are leading to a virtuous cycle of donations.

TYM announced on the 24th that a young farmer, who was selected as the "TYM 2020 Free Tractor Donation Project for Returning Farmers," donated flour he grew to the social enterprise "Hisbeans."

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TYM's "Free Returning Youth Tractor Donation Project" is being carried out as part of future agricultural development through helping young farmers settle their farming and revitalizing the rural economy. It was conducted for the first time in 2020 and provided tractors to a total of 10 young farmers nationwide, and this year, the number of tractors was expanded to 12 units, attracting a total of 1,500 applicants from all over the country.

Kwak Dong-joo, a young farmer who donated flour this time, was selected for the 2020 tractor donation project and began wheat cultivation with a tractor supported by TYM, gaining the joy of his first harvest. With the aim of sharing happiness together and helping where necessary, he expressed his intention to donate flour to TYM, a social enterprise that trains coffee experts for the disabled. Kwak Dong-joo said, "I'm happy to be able to contribute a little bit to the difficult and difficult changes with COVID-19."

The flour donated this time is "Baekgang wheat" developed by the National Seed Resources, a variety specialized in baking because of its large volume and soft texture when making bread. An official from Heathvins said, "We plan to develop a new bakery product with this flour. We will be able to express even more emotion with coffee made by barista experts with disabilities, he said.

TYM President Kim Do-hoon said, "It is very meaningful to share our precious first harvest with our tractor and show a virtuous cycle of donation," adding, "We will try to contribute to the development of the local community by spreading social contribution activities that began with TYM."

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