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Press ESG October 13, 2022

TYM develops eco-friendly tractor transmission oil, a first in the industry

- Bio THF 400 is an eco-friendly bio-transmission oil formulated from plant-based oil

- Recently certified by the USDA under its “BioPreferred Program,” product commercialization is expected to increase exports to the U.S..

- TYM’s ESG management is to be driven by the development of additional sustainable products and technologies

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TYM is raising expectations in the industry by opening the doors to ESG agriculture by developing eco-friendly oil products. TYM announced on October 13th that it has succeeded in developing Bio THF 400, an eco-friendly bio-based transmission oil for agricultural machinery.

TYM has focused on developing sustainable products as part of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management activities. The new product was created in collaboration with GS Caltex and contains 65% of bio-based components. Bio THF 400 has been certified as a Biobased Product in the Bio Preferred Program under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This certification serves as an important criterion for products purchased by US federal agencies, setting the stage for increasing exports to the US.

Bio THF 400 utilizes SSBO (SynNova Sustainable Synthetic Base Oil) which contributes to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. This high-quality oil is made using only renewable plant-based materials such as legumes, coconuts, rapeseed, and palm. While being highly biodegradable, it also increases the efficiency of the transmission, helping to improve fuel efficiency and contributing to minimizing carbon emissions.

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In particular, Bio THF 400 has the ability to maintain a low viscosity at low temperatures, which aids performance during cold engine starts. A stable viscosity is maintained even under high-temperature operating conditions, and improved Anti-Foam performance minimizes friction and wear of parts such as the transmission gears. Bio THF 400 makes it possible to maintain an optimal transmission operating environment by increasing heat capacity and heat transfer efficiency.

The USDA’s BioPreferred Program was first established under the 2002 Farm Bill, and since 2014, the program has required federal agencies to comply with bio-product standards on purchases. So far, only 5,000 globally sourced products have met these strict standards. Foreign companies with certified products are able to secure more export opportunities to the U.S. as the country of origin of the products is not scrutinized as long as the product meets the standards set by the BioPreferred program.

A TYM official stated, "After becoming the first company in the industry to declare ESG management in February of last year, this year we have considered 2022 as the beginning of our efforts to produce environmentally friendly agricultural machinery. As part of these efforts, we have completed the development of new products while securing eco-friendly technologies to be applied to our production facilities and parts.” We will continue to accelerate ESG management by furthering the development of sustainable products and technologies."

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