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TJV755 ISEKI, Utility Tractor

  • Engine power
    74.3 ps
  • Hitch lift capacity
    2050 kg

The TJV755 is the standard imported tractor from our collaboration with Iseki, one of the largest and oldest Japanese manufacturers. Get the power you need from a utility tractor at a lower investment.

  • Material Handling
  • Land Clearing & Forestry
  • Construction
  • Arable Farming

Lifting, hauling and moving heavy materials for your operations

Built to maintain high productivity with maximized speed control and a deluxe operator cabin, an Iseki utility tractor can help you accelerate material handling jobs for routine jobs and specialized projects. Maximized front and hitch lift capabilities allow you to carry large volumes of material at once, minimizing the number of trips and promoting operational efficiency.

Enabling you to take control of your commercial land

With a durable frame and powerful hitch lift capabilities, an Iseki utility tractor has the traction, rpm and implement compatibility to power through tough land clearing task. From flattening large mounds of soil to clearing shallow-rooted trees, this tractor is equipped to crush, tow and lift away the hurdles for your operations.

Driving productive work for large developments

From preparing and foundation building to final assembly and finishing, productivity means faster completion at every construction stage. Iseki utility tractors are designed to maximize productivity, with the highest possible lift capabilities to lift and haul more material with each repetition, a range of gears to promote efficient engine performance and a rugged body to maintain durability. Make this tractor your primary piece of machinery for an entire project, or working in tandem with other construction equipment.

Driving productivity for commercial farming operations

From row crops on wet land or permanent crops on dry land, Iseki utility tractors are among the most preferred machines for commercial farming. Equipped with versatile functionality in a heavy-duty design, this tractor promotes productivity from soil preparation and seeding to irrigation and harvest. Enable faster and more efficient crop cycles with this tractor and maximize the use of your commercial farmland.

Image Verticle

Equipped with independent PTO and a 4-range lever to control rpm to the front and rear, this tractor allows operators to speed up and slow down implements with ease. Combined with the Deutz engine and the common rail system, fuel is burned to deliver power in direct response to demand. Together, PTO controls and the engine enable productivity and fuel efficiency.

Additionally, operators benefit from deluxe cabin amenities. From comfortable seating and a bright display and a fuel lock to prevent theft, this tractor can be driven confidently and productively in tough applications.

Image Wide
1. Power steering
2. Power shuttle lever
3. 4WD mode selector
4. Cabin with full A/C and heating
5. Electro-hydraulic hitch control system
6. Rear external hydraulic valve

Features that combine optimal power, lift, transmission and dimensions for greater results

With an efficient engine, robust transmission, powerful implement controls and deluxe operator comfort, this utility tractor is built to help you complete the toughest tasks with greater productivity.

Built on precise German engineering, the Deutz engine uses Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) to convert carbon and particulate matter into less harmful emissions. This eliminates the need for regeneration cycles, minimizing maintenance requirements, downtime and the risk of repair.
4-cylinder, liquid-cooled Deutz diesel engine
Even after turning off the engine, the work lamp is maintained for approximately 30 seconds to help ensure safe disembarkation during night work.
Escort light
Take advantage of the increased lift-capacity and control the RPM of the implement with the PTO lever to carry out difficult jobs like rotary tilling and weeding.
3-Point hitch with increased lift-capacity
While providing easy entry and exit from both side doors and a host of modern amenities to maximize operator comfort, this tractor boasts greater visibility with heating and A/C as standard. This enables operators to facilitate task completion, safely and productively in warmer or colder weather.
Deluxe cabin with climate control
This tractor comes equipped with an electro-hydraulic control (EHC) system for the rear hitch, leveraging German engineering from Bosch. The system allows for quicker and more accurate responses to changes in power and position, enabling operators to lift and lower the hitch gear to exacting specifications. The system is especially useful for row crop farming, allowing more precise tillage and boosting the quality of harvest.
Electro-hydraulic hitch control system
The power steering of this tractor comes with a tilt function, allowing operators to move the steering vertically to find the ideal position. This facilitates easier turning and minimizes fatigue, in addition to adjustable suspension seating and the hydraulic axle configuration.
Power steering with hydraulic tilt for optimal ergonomics

Technical specifications

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Gross engine power 74.3 ps | 55.4 kW 100 ps | 74.5 kW 122 ps | 91 kW
PTO power 63.2 ps | 47.14 kW 91.3 ps | 68.08 kW 104.5 ps | 78 kW
Rated engine speed 2200 rpm 2200 rpm 2100 rpm
Displacement 2900 cc 3620 cc 4038 cc
Type Turbo Charger Turbo Charger Vertical cylinder, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine
Engine manufacturer Deutz TCD2.9 Deutz TCD 3.6 Deutz TCD 4.1
No. of cylinders 4 4 4
Air cleaner Dual Dry Dual Dry Dual Dry
Alternator 12V, 72A 12V, 72A 12V, 200A
Fuel system CRDI CRDI CRDI
No. of speeds F24 x R24 F32 x R32 F32xR32
Max. traveling speed 30 km/h 31 km/h 32.2 km/h
Transmission type Power Shuttle & Hi/Lo shift Power Shuttle & Hi/Lo shift Power Shuttle & 8-Speed Shift
Brakes Wet Disc Wet Disc Wet Disc
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Clutch Dual Wet Clutch Dual Wet Clutch Dual Wet Clutch
hydraulic system
Pump type Dual Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump
Implement flow 51.9 lpm 60.3 lpm 83.4 L
Steering flow 31.8 lpm 31.8 lpm 40.69 L
Total flow 51.9 lpm 60.3 lpm 83.28 L
Category, 3-point hitch Cat2 Cat2 II
Hitch lift capacity 2050 kg 5998.7 kg 4939 kg
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 1625 kg 2237 kg 3734 kg
Lift control type Position/Draft Elec Position/Draft Elec Position/Draft Elec
No. of standard remote valves 3 3 4
PTO type Independent Independent Independent
PTO control Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro
PTO rear 565/793/1014 / 540 (reverse) 565/793/1014 / 540 (reverse) 540/540E/1000 rpm
Fuel tank 120 L Fuel 120 AdBlue 10 L 160 L (AdBlue: +20 L)
Coolant 12 L 15 L 20 L
Crankcase 9 L 10.5 L 11 L
Transmission/Hydraulics system 55.5 L 61.5 L 61.3 L
Front axle 8 L 10 L 15.1 L
dimensions & weights
Overall length with 3-point hitch 3935 mm 4190 mm 4285 mm
Overall width 1895 mm 2010 mm 2070 mm
Wheelbase 2215 mm 2295 mm 2525 mm
Height to top of ROPS 2740 mm 2890 mm 2990 mm
Min. ground clearance 445 mm 480 mm 440 mm
Min. turn radius with brakes 3790 mm 4500 mm 3560 mm
Min. turn radius without brakes 4450 mm 5020 mm 4410 in.
Weight with cab 3230 kg 3790 kg 4585 kg
Min. turn radius without brakes 4450 mm 5020 mm 4410 in.
standard tires
Agricultural - Front 11.2-20 12.4-24 12.4-24
Agricultural - Front 11.2-20 12.4-24 12.4-24
Agricultural - Rear 16.9-30 16.9-34 16.9-38
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