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TH752CB Combineharvester Featuredimage Th752 1400Px V2
TH752CB Combineharvester Featuredimage Th752 1400Px V2

TH752-CB Harvesters

  • Engine power
    72 ps
  • Reaping width
    2000 mm

With a multi-option kit, the TH752-CB can harvest a variety of crop, including barley, soybeans and wheat, with consistent productivity.

Helping you get the most out of your harvest

TYM combines are among the most preferred machines for harvesting in commercial farming operations, particularly for crops on dry land.

With versatile functionality in a durable design, this combine harvester offers the productivity you need to speed up your harvesting process.

With a wide cutting width, large capacity threshing drum and excellent crawler turn capabilities, this full feeding combine harvester is designed to accelerate the harvesting process. Ground clearance control systems automatically raise and lower the crawler in water-filled surfaces like paddy fields. Simultaneously, the engine powers the machine through high frequency tasks in low ground pressure conditions.
1. Multi-functional HST lever
2. Pickup reel
3. Reel clutch
4. Latticed concave
5. Tunnel-type chassis
6. Reaper accelerator

All the right features to get the job done

Work effectively and maximize your yield with a TYM combine harvester. Achieve results faster with a powerful high-torque engine. Control implements easily with an easy-access operator panel. All while stay productive and energized in an ergonomically designed cabin.

Yanmar engines are more efficient than competitors in their class with high torque and powerful performance. Water cooling allows the engine to warm up quickly, effectively stabilizing the temperature while the combine is running. In addition, it is Tier 4 certified for eco-friendly, emissions-compliant operations.
High torque, water-cooled Yanmar diesel engine
With 2000 mm wide reaper, this combine harvester can collect and process a variety of crop while minimizing wastage and maximizing yield.
Built to harvest a variety of crop
The wide threshing bin enables quicker harvesting, all while precisely sorting and processing large volume of grain.
Large diameter threshing drum for enhanced productivity
The combine undercarriage has a tunnel-like design, enabling dirt to be ejected from harvested rice paddies, while the equalizer and wide crawler width smoothly traverse wet field terrain.
Equipped for specialized wet-field operation
The main control panel, designed specifically for driver comfort and productivity, makes combine operation effortless with key controls within fingers' reach. The digital instrument panel provides notifications and diagnostic information at a glance. Spacious seats and the flat floor with rubber mats, allow entry and exit from the operator cabin safe, comfortable and simple.
Ergonomic interiors for operator comfort
Equipped with basic heating and air conditioning, the operator can work comfortably regardless of the season. The cabin HVAC system is positioned away from the operator's field of vision, ensuring excellent visibility.
Deluxe cabin with HVAC functionality

Technical specifications

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Engine manufacturer Yanmar 4TNV98CT-VKTC Deutz TCD3.6L4 Deutz TCD3.6L4
Type Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine
Gross engine power 72 ps | 53.7 kW 136 ps | 100 kW 136 ps | 100 kW
Displacement 202.5 cu. in. 221 cu. in. 221 cu. in.
Fuel tank 65 l 105 l 105 l
traveling system
Crawler width 450 mm 600 mm 550 mm
Crawler grounding length 1700 mm 1825 mm 1825 mm
Crawler tread 1125 mm 1200 mm 1150 mm
Working speed 1.7 m/s 1.75 m/s 2.04 m/s
reaping section
Reaping row - 7 6
Reel (dia. x width) 927 x 1835 mm - -
Reaping width 2000 mm 2241 mm 1991 mm
No. of speeds 2 Range 2 Range HST 2 Range HST
threshing section
Threshing drum (dia. x width) 622 x 1840 mm 462 x 1250 mm 462 x 1250 mm
Rated threshing speed 584(Barley)/269(Bean) rpm 527 rpm 527 rpm
Grain tank capacity 1200 l 2000 l 2000 l
dimensions & weights
Overall length 5080 mm 5050 mm 4830 mm
Overall width 2600 mm 2490 mm 2235 mm
Overall height 2800 mm 2680 mm 2680 mm
Min. ground clearance 225 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Weight 3812 kg 5270 kg 5160 kg
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