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Combineharvester Featuredimage HJ6135 1400Px V5
Combineharvester Featuredimage HJ6135 1400Px V5

HJ6135 Harvesters

  • Engine power
    136 ps
  • Reaping width
    1991 mm

The HJ6135 is equipped with the powerful power of the German luxury Deutz engine, a large outer diameter and a long threshing bin, which provides high precision and excellent harvesting performance even in high-speed work.

Helping you get the most out of your harvest

TYM combines are among the most preferred machines for harvesting in commercial farming operations, particularly for crops on dry land.

With versatile functionality in a durable design, this combine harvester offers the productivity you need to speed up your harvesting process.

Image Verticle

Equipped with an advanced grain detection system, the HJ series combines boast fast harvest rates and high yields.

The design and control devices that are advantageous for wet field work are applied, enabling efficient work in a stable posture in any situation. In addition, high durability and one-touch open provide excellent maintenance and serviceability, and the premium cabin provides a comfortable and convenient working environment.

Image Wide
1. Multi-functional HST lever
2. Color LCD monitor
3. Rear view camera
4. Reverse fan
5. Multifunctional power steering lever
6. Remote controlled tilt guide

All the right features to get the job done

Work effectively and maximize your yield with an Iseki combine harvester from TYM. Achieve results faster with a powerful high-torque engine. Control implements easily with an easy-access operator panel. All while stay productive and energized in an ergonomically designed cabin.

Germany's luxury Deutz engine, with the highest power in its class, delivers high torque and powerful performance. The DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) allows for continuous work without regeneration. Additionally, it provides a comfortable working environment with excellent fuel economy, low smoke, low noise, and low vibrations to Tier 4 standards and beyond.
High-torque, high-efficiency Deutz diesel engine
The wide threshing bin enables quicker harvesting, all while precisely sorting and processing large volume of grain.
Large diameter threshing drum for enhanced productivity
By leveraging greater control of the feed depth of the combine, operators can easily minimize crop wastage that occurs in narrow spaces like the corners of rice fields.
Field control function for narrow spaces
The length and angle of the auger can be freely adjusted within a range of up to 1 meter, allowing convenient left and right movement of the tip of the auger. This ultimately results in a more even grain discharge.
Efficient auger swing and zoom eject function
On entering the operator station, a spacious flat floor and rubber mat provide ample leg room and promote safe entry and exit. The main control panel of the combine harvester puts key controls within fingers' reach, while a digital screen provides real-time notifications and diagnostic information at a glance.
Ergonomic interiors for operator comfort
The auger operation can be conveniently adjusted from the outside with a wireless remote control.
Wireless Auger Remote Control
The auger length and angle can be freely adjusted within a range of up to 1m, and the auger tip can be moved left and right, making it convenient to discharge grain uniformly.
Efficient Auger Swing Zoom Emission
Automatic control functions for high-precision harvesting can be easily adjusted with buttons and dials.
Automatic control switch
Pressing the emergency stop button stops the engine and feed chain, automatically raising the threshing cylinder cover to prevent safety accidents.
Emergency stop opens threshing cylinder cover
If the grain is towed high at the end of the footpath between rice fields, the depth of the supply is temporarily controlled to the 'deep supply' side to prevent non-deposition.
Footpath control between rice fields
It is convenient for maintenance as radiator, filter, popular chain, artificial scent, and cutter can be easily opened with one touch.
One-touch open for efficient maintenance
Cabin doors and fuel tank lock devices prevent theft when stored.
Cabin door and fuel tank lock key

Technical specifications

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Engine manufacturer Deutz TCD3.6L4 Deutz TCD3.6L4 Yanmar 4TNV94FHT
Type Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine
Gross engine power 136 ps | 100 kW 136 ps | 100 kW 118.5 ps | 88.3 kW
Displacement 221 cu. in. 221 cu. in. 186.3 cu. in.
Fuel tank 105 l 105 l 100 l
traveling system
Crawler width 550 mm 600 mm 550 mm
Crawler grounding length 1825 mm 1825 mm 1850 mm
Crawler tread 1150 mm 1200 mm 1150 mm
Working speed 2.04 m/s 1.75 m/s 1.78 m/s
reaping section
Reaping row 6 7 6
Reel (dia. x width) - - -
Reaping width 1991 mm 2241 mm 1990 mm
No. of speeds 2 Range HST 2 Range HST 3 Range HST
threshing section
Threshing drum (dia. x width) 462 x 1250 mm 462 x 1250 mm 462 x 1050 mm
Rated threshing speed 527 rpm 527 rpm 536 rpm
Grain tank capacity 2000 l 2000 l 1800 l
dimensions & weights
Overall length 4830 mm 5050 mm 4860 mm
Overall width 2235 mm 2490 mm 2380 mm
Overall height 2680 mm 2680 mm 2660 mm
Min. ground clearance 200 mm 200 mm 225 mm
Weight 5160 kg 5270 kg 4665 kg
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