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Story August 19, 2022

Trimming, torching, or tractors? Tips for getting overgrown weeds under control

It’s that time of the year! The season of astounding growth in our yards and fields, filling gardeners with pride and supporting the livelihood of farmers. But along with this marvel comes its rival, the unwanted grass and weeds that manage to get out of hand. While a vibrant lawn or dense plot might be attractive to a certain point, overgrowth without order can threaten the health of plants by hiding pest activity or covering up signs of disease. From handling a string trimmer to maneuvering a tractor, there are many different ways to deal with overgrown gardens and land. The key to overgrowth management is early prevention and regular maintenance, and here are some tips to keep your field in check.

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Cover and deprive

One of the easiest ways to keep weeds at bay is to deprive them of sunlight and the chance to grow. Everything from crop residue to wood chips can prevent sunlight from reaching the weed seeds in the soil. For a residential lawn, groundcovers like Asian Star Jasmine or microclovers that sprawl across the ground but don’t grow tall are ideal for keeping weeds in check while emulating grass. For larger fields, mulching can be a useful and attractive way to keep weed seeds from germinating. For an easy way to block out large swaths of land, there’s also the method of laying black tarp over a field. While plastic may not be your favorite solution, it’s a simple and temporary way to keep your growth under control.


Trim and cut

If you’re tending to a small plot, some good old-fashioned shears, a pair of gardening gloves, and some elbow grease may be all you need to restore your land. But if you’re seeing enough overgrowth, you may find a string trimmer (often referred to as a weed eater or weed whacker), to be the quickest and most convenient way to fend off unwanted weeds. String trimmers are ideal for cutting very long or hard-to-reach weeds that may otherwise be difficult on a conventional mower.


Torch and burn

If you’re battling short yet unrelenting weeds next to metal fencing or stubborn weeds growing between sidewalk cracks, a propane weed torch, or a flame weeder, is nearly 100% effective at killing weeds. Though weed torching has not traditionally been common practice Korea, it’s gaining popularity domestically as a useful budget- and time-saving method. Weed torches are ideal for short annual weeds growing along non-flammable areas. When using a weed torch, exercise caution and avoid torching during periods of drought and windy days and make sure that the area is free of dry, combustible materials. As always when employing flames outdoors, check with your local fire department for guidance and to secure relevant permits.


Tackle with a tractor

When your lawn or field is starting to resemble a jungle, it’s time to step aside and make way for a tractor. Most residential lawn equipment is not suited for extremely overgrown grass and saplings. But with a tractor, you can confront overgrown shrubbery or even taller trees on your land. For overgrowth that goes beyond what your two hands can manage, tractors with mid-mount mowers are your answer. A mower attachment like TM60 is easy to install, and comes in a wide 60-inch cutting deck that allows you to cut more grass as you mow.

To clear an overgrown property, a smaller sub-compact tractor with rotary cutters can slash through weeds and use front-end loaders or grapples to lift and clear bushes. A larger tractor can help with more intensive operations like clearing away large volumes of debris and obstacles. By mounting attachments like front-end loaders or grapples on the front of your tractor, you can transport virtually anything to and from your land.

Whether you’re tending to a large yard or overseeing an entire farm operation, an overgrowth can always find a way to sneak into your grounds, especially at the height of the growing season. From compact tractors that can take on overgrown shrubbery, to larger utility tractors that can help cut down trees and remove debris, TYM has the machinery you need for any task. To find out how TYM tractors and their attachments can help you tackle overgrowth of all scales and sizes, browse our lineup of tractors optimal for land clearing.

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